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For every edition of Elfia we depend on our volunteers. Without this hard-working group, the events wouldn’t have evolved and become the way they are now.

Our volunteers have become a great, loving family. A family that keeps on expanding every year. In line with the motto ‘Work hard, play hard’, the team and volunteers make sure everything before, during and after the event runs smoothly.

Do you want to join our family of Elfia volunteers? Look here to find the perfect role for you!

Besides the team of employees, Eflia has been working with volunteers since the beginning. People who like to see behind the scenes and help at the biggest Fantasy Festival of Europe.
The characteristics of this group of people include commitment, responsibility and a unique team spirit. Together we will take up the challenges and celebrate achievements.

The days before and after the festival include a lot of hard work, but of course there is room for some fun. During the traditional campfire nights, we will sing, laugh, eat and drink. Stories will be told, friendships built and memories created. As an Elfia volunteer, you will help to make the event even more magical.

There are several volunteer positions available, both during the week and during the weekend. For all positions, you are motivated, not afraid to roll up your sleeves and can function both independently and in a team. The days as a volunteer at Elfia can be long and you are working hard, but in the evening there is always time for fun and recovering from the day.

After we have received your application, we will determine which team we think suits you best based on your specified skills and preferences. If you have been selected, you will receive a schedule and an information package from us. Here you will find information about our crew camping, what you should bring and what we can arrange for you and how you can organize a lift or shelter via our volunteer group on Facebook.

At the weekend we keep some time on your schedule so that you can stroll around the festival and enjoy the Elfian atmosphere.


Note: There are volunteer fees. These are set per day and set up in such a way that they can be regarded as a tax-free allowance. There is a fee for each build-up day, as well as for each breakdown day on which you work as a volunteer. During the weekend itself, only the “manager positions” are compensated because they work long hours. The ‘normal’ volunteer only needs to be operational for a few hours, and can enjoy the festival afterwards or before.