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Elfia Arcen 2023

16 & 17 September

What is Elfia?

Elfia is a dream world, a fantasy utopia, shapen as a kingdom. Elfia exists parallel to our current, present world

Where is Elfia?

Elfia exists in a different dimension with a different time zone. Therefore it is out of touch and unreachable

When is Elfia?

But sometimes, on rare occasions, not more than twice in a human year, the Elfia time zone touches briefly the time of earth. And when that happens, magic is in the air. When these times start to overlap, a portal appears. Then Elfians are able to cross the border to the human world, and we humans have the opportunity to pass through this temporary portal to appear in Elfia. 

What is the portal?

The portal is in fact a huge astronomical clock which became more and more detailed and complicated throughout the centuries.

Where is the portal?

This portal is considered the ‘sacred ground’ of Elfia, the temple of Elfia, and is located in the heart, the centre of the kingdom. 

Who is responsible for the portal?

The astronomical portal is always guarded by magicians who operate as a sort of priests. The Chief magician is Salem Dee. He observes the giant wheels and gets into a comical ecstasy and trance when the worlds are colliding. Wise but clumsy, full of ‘Eureka-moments which he mostly forgets immediately after he makes them.

Who rules Elfia?

Elfia is represented by ambassadors with a Marshall of the diplomatic corps as the ‘primus inter pares’. The ambassadors live on earth but gather twice a year in Elfia, when the worlds collide. These ambassadors choose every year a new head of state in a secretly held election. In principle every Elfian can be elected. Candidates present themselves in videoclips. For a list of royals of the past 20 years, check out the webpage ‘List with Royals’.

Who wants to rule Elfia?

The ambivalent countess Catherina de Faos descends from the oldest surviving Elfian noble family, the House of de Faos. Her bloodline, according to herself, actually gives her the right to kingship and rulership over Elfia. According to her, all newly elected royals are just ‘nouveau royal’ and therefore inferior by definition. She strives for power but in her position she has to be extremely careful and crafty, creating alliances and striking at the right time. She is convinced that she will soon be able to play her trump card in this ultimate ‘Elfia game of thrones’. However, the arrival of the ELF  has thrown sand in the wheels of her ‘thrones game’.


Who will rule Elfia?

The explorer marquis Alberto de Polo created a sensation when he not only found remnants of Elflantis but also found a baby ELF in a wicker basket. With this, a 1011 year old prophecy had come true: an ELF of the original Elf primordial race would return to Elfia in the year 2022. Because the ELF will only be an adult in 111 years and thus only then can become king over Elfia, in the meantime, a new ‘head of state’ will continue to be elected every year. Countess Catherina has been able to set herself up as regent of the ELF, but she will not be able to do much harm, because Salem Dee is simultaneously appointed teacher and educator of the newborn.