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Elfia Arcen 2022

17 & 18 September


It is the year of two very great discoveries:

  • a very rare excavation of the oldest Elf skeleton ever found. Died 11 million years ago by the trident of the Elfian water god. A tip of that trident was also found near the skeleton
  • the find of ELF, by the greatest explorer of Elfia, Marquis Alberto de Polo. He found this ELF in a wicker basket near what are probably the ruins of Elflantis. The ELF is still very young, and our court mage Salem Dee has taken care of him, while Countess Catherine de Faos will be the regent of ELF until he reaches adulthood. The latter will take another 111 years, so in the meantime Elfia will elect a new head of state every year. But in 111 years, an adult ELF will become king over Elfia for the rest of his life.

This year, Aurelia, the Ruby queen, has taken over the royal baton from Emperor Roly. As a dictator, Roly had first quickly crowned himself emperor, to prevent a seizure of power, but under pressure from the people, Aurelia was eventually crowned queen. A new, very rare edition of the Elfo has been printed in honor of Aurelia, the ‘Ruby’ coin.


Due to the ongoing corona crisis in the ‘real’ world, Elfia was only able to reveal itself once instead of twice. This happened in the castle gardens Arcen. Due to the hopeless situation and the lack of leadership, uncle Roly decided to take power and in a dramatic turn, he deposed the former rulers, the Wizard Council of Pannkoch and made himself dictator. With the help of stormtroopers, he raised a dark army to keep control of Elfia. Despite or perhaps because of this masterstroke by dictator Roly, Elfia experienced a remarkably beautiful period. In honor of the dictator, the ‘Roly’ coin was released, a limited edition of the Elfo, the currency of Elfia.


The road to Elfia was blocked in the sad year 2020 by the Covid that gripped the entire real world. Yet – with very many restrictions and only for a small group – there was an Elfia edition in the castle gardens Arcen in September 2020. There was no dancing and singing, but this moment of limited freedom was a relief for the Elfians who were allowed to be present.


They didn’t know it at the time, the Wizard Council of Pannkoch, but when they took office as the new head of state, they would become the longest-serving rulers of Elfia: two years instead of a year, all because Covid is causing a total disruption of Elfia took care.


2018 was the year of Queen Victoria and King Albert. It was a beautiful year in which the royal couple brought much prosperity to the kingdom. After their reign, Victoria accepted a position as an ambassador to Slovenia, and Albert a position as Maitre d’Affaires at the embassy in Slovenia.