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23 & 24 April 2022

we continue our dream at

Elfia, the land where you can bring your dreams to life and share them with others. An Empire with its own flag, passport and national anthem, led by a royal head of state who is elected annually.

From 2022, there will be some changes to the royal election rules of our beloved kingdom. With the arrival of Elfia ambassadors in various countries in the world, a different design of the elections has also been chosen.


Previously, Elfians could vote for a candidate during the event. Unfortunately, the number of votes usually did not exceed a few hundred. That is why we have now opted for a different design. Voting rights now accrue to each sitting ambassador or ambassador, as well as one vote to the reigning head of state (also in the case of a duo, this counts as 1 vote). At the moment there are 7 ambassadors, in UK, Slovenia, Spain, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium. Each ambassador usually holds the post for 4 years and therefore also has 4 years of voting rights. Every new ambassador (either to replace an old ambassador or for an embassy post in a new country) is automatically given the right to vote. The elections are conducted in secret under the leadership of the marshal of the diplomatic corps. In the event of a tie, the vote of the marshal is decisive.

When next elections

The next election will be in 2022 for the head of state Elfia will lead that year. Candidates can register up to and including February 2022 using the form below

How do you increase your chances of being elected?

The ambassadors and the reigning head of state choose from among all the candidates who they think can best represent Elfia. They do not only look at the written statement, but also at the presentation. So the better you present yourself in photo and/or video, the greater your chance of being elected. It is also very important whether the candidate shows pleasure in his/her presentation.

Another important factor to consider is how well and how actively you can and want to promote Elfia through the various social channels after the elections.

Head of state or royal couple?

You can participate in the elections as 1 person or with a partner and/or with an entourage. However, a maximum of two persons can be regarded as joint head of state. If you participate with more than two people, the others will be regarded as entourage and not as head of state, if you win the election.

When winner announced?

The two candidates who received the most votes in the secret ballot will be invited by the organization to attend Elfia in April of that year. These two candidates can experience Elfia for free on both days (if a candidate consists of more than two people, then two people have a maximum of free admission on both Saturday and Sunday). The eventual winner will be announced at a special ceremony on Sunday, as well as immediately installed by the Marshall of the Diplomatic Corps.

Won and then what?

  • After the official installation, a short parade will be held to congratulate the new head of state.
  • The new head of state also sits on the jury of the Costume Parade on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • During Elfia in September of the same year and during Elfia the following year in April, the winner will officially open Elfia. Make sure you always have a very short, but also playful opening text at hand.
  • Of course you (and possibly your fellow head of state) have free access to Elfia in the year of the election.
  • Even if you resign, you will continue to have access on both days of the Elfia event in both April and September.
  • You retain the right to free access for a maximum of 10 years after the end of your election year. If you have been chosen as an example in 2022, you retain the right to free access up to and including the year 2032. Please note: the right to free access is always personal and non-transferable.
  • As a head of state, you will also receive a royal decoration, as well as a number of other gifts.
    During your reign you will continue to be proactive in promoting Elfia. In addition to interviews that can be provided by the Elfia organization, you are also expected to actively approach the media yourself. At the end of your reign, this obligation expires

Want to become an ambassador?

Would you like to continue as an ambassador after your reign? Then submit a request via email to . There are several possibilities:

  • if the country of your nationality already has an ambassador, your candidacy will be considered for the period after the term of the current ambassador
  • if the country of your nationality does not yet have an ambassador, and if you are found suitable to represent and promote Elfia in your country, you can be appointed as an ambassador fairly quickly. Your official installation will then take place at the next Elfia event

For the registration form, click this link