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Fairy Nights

August 28 2021, Castle de Haar

Elfia, the land in which you make your dreams come true and share them. A kingdom with its own flag, passport, and national anthem, lead by a Royal Couple. This Royal Couple is elected by the Elfians each year during the Royal Elections.

During the Elections, the Royal Candidates present themselves during Elfia Haarzuilens and hope the Elfians will vote for them to become the Royal Couple on Saturday. The full year, so that includes Elfia Arcen, the Royal Couple rules over Elfia and has special tasks during the Elfia weekends.

Long live the kingdom of Elfia!


The candidates for the royal couple of Elfia 2020 are known!
After the elections, who will take the crown and lead the empire? Discover here who it could be by clicking on the images!

The Ravens of the Shadowfell
Gul’dan & The Whispess