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Elfia Arcen 2024

21 & 22 September

Photographing at Elfia

We value respect highly, because of this we have created the house rules below.

The following house rules apply to all photographers.

1. Please ask the portrayed if you can take a picture. Just because you bought an entry ticket doesn’t give you the right to photograph someone, it is a favor. Would you like a spontaneous picture? Ask the portrayed afterwards and ask if you can keep it. No matter how beautiful someone looks, they might not want to be in a picture. If you’re a model, please don’t be afraid to say no to a picture. If you do want to be photographed, you can also ask a photographer to take a picture, which they are just as much free to politely decline to do. Some photographers are looking for a certain image and you might not comply with it.

2. If you want to portray a child, please ask permission from the parents (depends on age). Also ask permission to publish it on the internet.

3. Please don’t take pictures when the portrayed is busy with personal business. Atmospheric images are fine, but people generally don’t like pictures of them at these moments.

4. Respect the personal space of the portrayed and their companions. Nothing is more annoying for them than suddenly getting a camera shoved in their face, especially when they are talking with acquaintances or are eating. If someone is in your way, you can politely ask them to step aside instead of bending over them. If you are the model and you see someone wanting to make a picture and you consent, please don’t stand still in the middle of the path. Ask the photographer to take a beautiful picture somewhere where you won’t block the road.

5. Please respect it when another photographer is already working with your intended model. Wait quietly until they are done. You can also ask them if it is okay to join them, but keep in mind that you’re not the main photographer and therefore not have the right to ask for the model’s attention, to direct the poses or to get in the way of the main photographer. An experienced model will ignore you or maybe even turn you away, but an inexperienced model can get confused. You will ruin the fun for both the portrayed as well as for the main photographer and yourself. As model, try to keep focussing on the main photographer. Often, you both will get the best results this way.

6. Don’t touch the portrayed without their expressed consent. You can ask the model to fix their clothing, or, for instance, to remove the straying hair from their face. If they don’t understand you completely, ask calmly and politely if you can do it for them.

7. Introduce yourself and always give your business card as a thanks. You are probably very happy with your photos and the portrayed would like to see them again too. Therefore it is polite to give contact information or a website, so the portrayed can ask you for the pictures. Do you have your own business card as a model? Do give it to the photographer! If you don’t have a card, discuss with each other how you can keep in contact to share the photos.

8. Offer your pictures via email or via a website for free, not on payment sites. State where possible the name of the portrayed. Selling pictures is against the rules of the event. If you share your pictures as a model, for instance on social media, do state the photographer!