Elfia Haarzuilens

- 23 & 24 April 2022 -
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Dream with us!

We would love to have you there on April 23 & 24, 2022! Time to start on your costumes!

Early Elf Tickets for Saturday and Sunday sold out!


      • Europe’s largest outdoor costume event will finally reveal itself again at the largest castle in the Netherlands, De Haar Castle
      • It took two years. But now De Haar will finally be the domain of Elfia’s magic again
      • De Haar Castle was once the location for the most beautiful ball masques of the baron and his family. Now salty mermaids, capsizing privateers, scruffy mages, vicious vampires and jolly damsels will take over the estate
      • Please note: as a Covid precaution, in consultation with De Haar Castle, there are only 9,000 tickets available per day, only 60% of the numbers sold before Covid broke out.
      • There are no weekend tickets.
      • There are children’s tickets for both Saturday and Sunday for children from 3 to 11 years
      • Children up to and including 2 years have free entrance
      • Opening hours are from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Saturday, and from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Sunday.
      • We advise you to buy your ticket as soon as possible.
      • Elfia will consist of more than thirty different locations; old known territories and completely new territories:
        • aqua world with mermaids and Aquarius
        • Japanese Samurai Village
        • Gothic church stage
        • mad max apocalypse
        • balfolk stage
        • 19th century fairground
        • steampunk village
        • medieval village
        • viking village by the lake
        • pirate village
        • Elder Scrolls world offline & online
        • Star Wars revisited
        • biggest costume parade ever on the grand cour
        • roman settlement
        • and much more to come, so keep an eye out for our free newsletter; And if you haven’t already, subscribe soon
We share your pain

The Corona crisis has left deep wounds. Not only because of the loss of loved ones, or because of a long physical recovery, but also because of the feelings of loneliness and powerlessness. We know that you have struggled immensely and may still be struggling with the effects of this crisis. But now you can finally get back to normal, meet old acquaintances and make new friends!


Everyone – from volunteers and technicians to entertainers and medieval caterers are looking forward to seeing you again. Although there are still a limited number of tickets available, if you are one of the lucky ones who can visit Elfia, then it finally offers you the chance not only to go out again in costume but above all to meet like-minded people in the Elfian, fairytale environment. Enjoy it! You deserved it after that terrible period.

The Elfia team

The Kingdom of Elfia exists 21 years! The experienced Elfia team started in 2001 with the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Archeon, Alphen a/d Rijn. This was followed by an edition at Keukenhof Castle, Lisse. And from 2009 Elfia can even be found at two different castle locations: castle De Haar, Haarzuilens and castle gardens Arcen, Venlo.

60% of normal amount of visitors allowed

For safety reasons, we have decided in consultation with the organizations involved to allow only 60% of the normal number of visitors per day. So please don’t wait too long with the purchase. We made Elfia just for you, and we really hope you get the chance to enjoy it to the fullest. We know how long ago it has been that you could wander around in costume or not and feel the respect and also give to all those beautiful like-minded people.

Ultimately, there is only one solution to properly describe Elfia, and that is: experience it! And even if you come alone or with a group of friends; you will get the same feeling: that you are never dreaming this fantasy called Elfia alone.


Covid measures
      • Toilets are free and there will also be more toilets available to shorten waiting times so that contact moments between visitors in a queue are limited.
      • Access is only possible on presentation of a valid corona pass QR code and valid ID. For the validity requirements of the corona, keep an eye on all government announcements
      • There are no time slots
      • It is possible that face masks will be mandatory in April for indoor locations such as the chapel, large tents, etc. So take a face mask with you just to be sure.
      • Due to the 60% ticket availability, there are no separate weekend tickets available
      • parking tickets, train tickets and bus tickets will go on sale separately around February 14, 2022
      • we are going to work with our own currency, the Elfo.
      • All caterers will only accept the Elfo, so you don’t have to keep extra cash for catering
      • You can pre-order the Elfo coins around February 14, 2022, so that you don’t have to purchase them on the event site.
      • You can of course only buy the Elfo coins on Elfia itself. For this you can go to one of the branches of the ESB, the Elfia Staats Bank.
      • Read more frequently asked questions here.