Elfia Arcen

- 18 & 19 September 2021 -
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We would love to welcome you to Elfia!

Finish your costume! Elfia, the land of your dreams, is waiting for you!
  • Because we are a ‘flow activity’, unfortunately, we can only allow 40% of the normal number of visitors, so that we can fall within the Corona measures
  • we can still sell a last 1,000 extra tickets per day. The sale of these last 2x 1,000 tickets will start on Friday, August 20 at 1 p.m. (CET)
  • if you buy one of the 1,000 Privileged Saturday tickets or one of the 1,000 Privileged Sunday tickets, you will receive an exclusive, free gift: a specially designed Elf Crown pin worth €4.95. (*)
  • no fear of water? Then take a seat in one of the two Viking ships on the big lake
  • unique prizes at Costume Parade: castle tours in Spain with Prof. Rotherham as a guide
  • don’t blink if you don’t want to miss it: fire dragons from Belarus
  • even more tasty medieval catering while preserving ‘classics’ like KnobiBrot
  • many more acts will be announced in the coming month. So keep an eye on our free newsletter; And if you haven’t already, subscribe soon

We share your pain

The Corona crisis has left deep wounds. Not only because of the loss of loved ones, or because of a long physical recovery, but also because of the feelings of loneliness and impotence. We know that you have struggled tremendously and may still be struggling with the consequences of this crisis. How much would you like to go out again, meet old acquaintances and make new friends!

Enjoy it!

When you have visited Elfia in Arcen 2020, you have won great admiration, not only from the castle management but especially from the local authorities and the Safety Region Limburg-Noord. The way you and other visitors could enjoy themselves despite the many Covid measures has even commanded international respect. That is why it is now also possible to organize Elfia Arcen again in September 2021. Everyone – from volunteers and technicians to entertainers – is looking forward to seeing you again. Admittedly there is a severe restriction on the number of visitors, but if you are one of the lucky ones who can visit Elfia, then it finally offers you the chance to not only go out in a costumed way but especially to meet like-minded people in the Elfian, fairytale environment. Enjoy it! You have earned it after that terribly difficult period.

The Elfia team

The Kingdom of Elfia has been around for twenty years! The experienced Elfia team started in 2001 with the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Archeon, Alphen a / d Rijn. This was followed by an edition at Keukenhof Castle, Lisse. And from 2009 Elfia can even be found at two different castle locations: castle De Haar, Haarzuilens, and castle gardens Arcen, Venlo.

Only 40%  of the usual amount of visitors allowed

Unfortunately, due to the unique set-up, only a limited number of tickets are available. We simply cannot let in more people per day. So please do not wait too long with the purchase. We made Elfia especially for you, and we really hope you get the chance to enjoy it to the fullest. We know how long ago it has been that you could wander in costume or not and feel the respect and also give it to all those lovely like-minded people. Through our newsletter, we will announce when the last 2x 1,000 tickets can be put on sale.

Saturday Ticket

Sunday Ticket


(**) Extra: exclusive, free Pin

With the barcode of your privileged ticket, you get an extra barcode. This allows you to pick up the ‘crown’ pin shown below for free at the ‘Tourist Info’ during Elfia. Please note: this pin has a value of €4.95, which is engraved and lacquered in no less than 6 colours. The Elf-crown pin will not be sold separately. It is an exclusive premium gift for you as a ticket buyer.
NB: Due to the high pin costs, it is unfortunately not possible to make it available for children’s tickets and for people who still have a valid ticket from 2020 (because these tickets were bought cheaper at the time)

Covid security measures
  • We take quite a few extra security measures. For example, the toilets will receive extra hygiene facilities, and will also be free to shorten waiting times so that contact moments between visitors remain limited.
  • There are time slots of 1 hour each. Make sure to enter within your timeslot. If you do not make it, we will look for you on the spot what the next option might be to enter. In extreme cases, you can enter after the last time slot (12:59 pm).
  • We will again create as many one-way paths as possible so that unwanted contact moments between strangers can be prevented as well. But – last year’s experience showed – these new trails also take you to beautiful, hidden parts of the park that you would never have discovered before.


Post Scriptum
  • Weekend tickets will not be sold.
  • Do not forget to order your parking ticket directly. The parking tickets cannot be bought separately on location. If you want to buy an extra parking ticket separately, click on one of the following two links. Parking ticket Saturday: https://www.ticketmaster.nl/event/267443   Parking ticket Sunday: https://www.ticketmaster.nl/event/267447
  • children’s tickets are unfortunately only available for Sunday. Early bird and regular tickets are sold out. There are only ‘Privileged’ tickets for sale
  • Please note: the ticket buyers who have made a deposit and who have not yet paid the remainder will receive an email for the last time on 20 August with a payment link with which they can pay the remainder. If you don’t let us know, or don’t pay, there is a chance that you will lose the entire deposit and that your ticket will go on sale again. You will not get the deposit back unless you have taken out cancellation insurance via TicketMaster at the time of the deposit.
    You are only entitled to the ticket when the full ticket price has been paid.
  • More frequently asked questions you can check here.