Elfia Haarzuilens

- 22 & 23 April 2023 -
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Ticket sales start on September 20

This is all real!

The magic becomes reality; in your head and in the heads of all fellow Elfians!

More Shows, More Music, More Magic



      • Great horse shows
      • Authentic carriages that drive you around for free
      • Medieval fighting shows
      • Renaissance flag & drum shows
      • even more music on no less than three stages
      • on every corner music entertainment
      • everywhere and nowhere theater walking acts
      • idyllic seating areas
      • even more special articles and sales stands in atmosphere and various styles
      • even more diversity in catering offer, from Hungarian Lángos to Czech devil’s bread
      • about thirty locations, from Mad Max apocalypse and steampunk villages to Japanese samurai settlements and a 19th century funfair
      • De Haar Castle was once the location for the most beautiful ball masques of the baron and his family. Now salty mermaids, capsizing privateers, sordid mages, vicious vampires and jolly damsels will take over the estate

Everyone – from volunteers and technicians to entertainers and medieval caterers are looking forward to seeing you again. Ultimately, there is only one solution to properly describe Elfia, and that is: experience it! And even if you come alone or with a group of friends; you will get the same feeling: that you are never dreaming this fantasy called Elfia alone.

The Elfia Team

The Kingdom of Elfia will be 23 years old in 2023! The experienced Elfia team started in 2001 with the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Archeon, Alphen a/d Rijn. This was followed by an edition at Keukenhof Castle, Lisse. And from 2009 Elfia can even be found at two different castle locations: De Haar Castle, Haarzuilens and Arcen Castle Gardens, Venlo.



Limited Edition Elfia Pottery Mugs
      • Toils are free and there will also be more toilets available to shorten waiting times so that contact moments between visitors in a queue are limited.
      • To protect the estate, there are limits on the number of tickets
      • Opening hours are 10am to 10am on Saturdays, and 10am to 8pm on Sundays
      • Read more frequently asked questions here
      • parking tickets are unfortunately extra expensive with €15 due to high contributions to Natuurmonumenten and a lot of extremely expensive iron road plates for muddy meadows. The tickets are only for sale online and will be pre-scanned on arrival
      • there are VIP ELF tickets, valid for the whole weekend with many advantages: 1. not having to wait to get in; be the first in if you want at 9:30am; includes 2 free limited edition pottery Elfia mugs and a specially designed fabric wristband
      • there are FAST ELF tickets for elfians who don’t want to wait and want to enter already at half past nine and / or quickly
      • there are MINI ELF tickets for elfians from 3 to 11 years old (Elfians from 0 to 2 years old can enter for free)
      • and there are GOOD ELF tickets for regular entry