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Fairy Nights

August 28 2021, Castle de Haar

Largest outdoor cosplay and costume event in Europe

Elfia continues! Kingdom of Elfia, the largest outdoor cosplay and costume event in Europe is here to be and to stay! Also on 18 & 19 September 2021 in the castle gardens of Arcen; only with a lot of uncertainties.

We remain in discussion with the fantastic people of both the castle organization and the municipality of Venlo. Everyone is committed with a big heart and a deep soul to keep Elfia going. Only how this will happen remains uncertain. That is why we are not selling any extra tickets until August 13th. Elfia is completely sold out at the moment with only 4,000 tickets per day, but there is a chance that we will be able to sell a number of extra tickets after August 13. Keep an eye on our newsletter and our website, if you don’t have a ticket yet!

Also, take into account extra Covid measures including time locks and possibly wearing a mouth mask. Probably (but not 100% sure) we will not work with Covid access tests, but with social distancing measures on-site, for example.
Those who have already paid a ticket down will receive a request for the remaining payment in July.


Birthday card from the kingdom of Elfia?

Starting in 2022, we’ll start sending out a free birthday card with absolutely unique fantasy artwork from one of the Masters of Fantasy that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Every year a birthday card with new artwork every time. Enter your details in the right column and you will receive the fantasy artwork sent to your home every year on your birthday. We will start this in 2022. You can also subscribe to our digital newsletter.


Programming and opening times the same on both days during Kingdom of Elfia September

Both Saturday and Sunday will have the same opening hours (from 9am to 8pm) as the same programming, except for the children’s costume parade, which will only be organized on Sundays. The program will slowly fill up in the coming months so check back here regularly to see which exciting new acts have been booked.