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Fairy Nights

18 & 19 june 2021, Castle de Haar

Elfia is dead! Long live Elfia!

Kingdom of Elfia, the largest costume event in Europe, must keep its gates closed in April 2021 at Castle De Haar. Due to the corona measures, we cannot obtain a permit for this from the municipality of Utrecht. Not entirely unexpected, but still a downer for you and for us. But…

we may experience the magic again on September 18 and 19, at the Castle Gardens Arcen! Anyone who experienced Elfia Arcen last September can have a say about it: the kingdom of Elfia was atmospheric, friendly and beautiful. And authorities praised the safety (no contamination whatsoever!) With all the corona measures, far fewer Elfians were allowed through the gates, but this in its own beautiful way allowed for more peace, discovery and relaxation. In September 2021 we will again be obliged to limit the number of visitors to the same extent. There will most likely also be a number of corona measures in place, but the most important thing is that the gates can be opened again. The limited amount of tickets will go on sale in March!

We can also say with certainty that the fairytale Fairy Nights: Close Encounters of the Fairy Kind will take place on the balmy summer evenings of June 18, 19, 2021. These tickets are already on sale.

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