You'll never dream alone

Elfia Arcen 2020

19 - 20 September 2020

You, Elfian, are one of a kind.
And yet you are a shapeshifter. You change your looks, you change your appearance, you even sometimes try to change your racial features.

Elfians are masters in change. They love different outfits, different costumes, different characters. They love to surprise. They love bringing joy and wonder to others by showing new angles to their fantasy personalities, or by simply going for a completely new fantasy or historical personality.
But deep inside, deep down there is the real wonder. The real you who always radiates through all those different outfits. That’s why we as other Elfians have so much respect for you. There is never envy or jealousy when you show up in a new original twist of your creativity. Because we see the happiness that is glowing through every new creation. We love the dream you are manifesting, and we want to dream the dream with you.

Right now we have to be patient. The circumstances are forcing us to be patient. But when it’s finally there, 19 & 20 September this year, we will share our dreams, and we will show our inner wonders!

Elfia can be described as an event, a costume event, with astonishing and dazzling creations; with vivacious music performances, sensational shows and market stalls where you can buy items of which you didn’t even realize they existed.

Elfia takes place in reality; every year; twice; in April and in September at beautiful castle grounds. You can drive an ordinary car or take a train to get to Elfia, but once you enter through the castle gates, once you cross that line that we call the magical border, you will enter an enchanting world. A dream world where everybody is connected, where everybody respects each other.

You will be welcome in this world; you will feel at home immediately; and we will call you… an Elfian.

Be yourself, dream your dream. We love to dream with you!