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Elfia Haarzuilens 2023

April 22 & 23

Elfia, a festival or an Utopia?

What once started as a simple fantasy and costume event has grown into a dream world, an utopia. Elfia is a civilization, a country that literally exists, parallel to our world but not IN our world. It is located on the planet Eve in another time dimension. Normally it is unreachable.

But sometimes, not more than twice in a human year, the Elfia time comes close to our Earth’s time. When that happens, magic is in the air, and Elfia manifests in a special place. One time at castle De Haar, the other time at castle gardens Arcen. Then we humans can cross the border, and if we dare, go through a portal to experience the enchantment of this kingdom.

The mages of Elfia have calculated that the portal to Elfia will be open to you on April 22nd and 23rd. Keep in mind that you need a valid visa “Tickets”┬áto prevent an orcerous military police officer from chasing you back to earth, drooling and panting.

When you step into Elfia, you will notice two things in particular: the strange astronomical temple complex that allows Salem Dee, the great magician of Elfia, to make his time predictions; and the constant presence of the baby ELF “Story of Elfia”, a descendant of the original Elf primordial race, who will rule Elfia in 110 years.

But of course you will also be enchanted in Elfia by the many colorful shows, high-profile artists, compelling music, tasty foods and special handmade artifacts. For more details about Elfia’s program, keep an eye on this page “Program”.