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Elfia Arcen 2024

21 & 22 September
20 April 2024

FAQ Parking Situation

Dear Elfians, Last night, we received incredibly distressing news. Not only for you but also for us. First and foremost, we want to thank you for all the kind messages and understanding responses. Also, to everyone who was able to adjust their travel plans: THANK YOU. There have been a lot of questions, and we've filtered out a few important ones and compiled them for you.

Haarzuilens 2024

What is the current parking situation?

Yesterday, Natuurmonumenten made the final decision that most of the parking lot cannot be used. In the preparations, we did everything possible to keep it as accessible as we could. The parking team arranged extra tractors, additional lighting, and as many track mats as possible. Currently, there are about €20,000 worth of track mats on this field. However, this is not enough to accommodate all cars, and most of them sink into the mud. As soon as we heard that such a large portion was disapproved, we began moving as many cars as possible from volunteers, exhibitors, entertainment, and catering. We relocated them around the area, and they shuttled back and forth. Thanks to them for their understanding and flexibility. Are you disabled? Do you really, truly have no way to come by train: there are parking spaces available. But far fewer than we had. If everyone who can come by public transport does so and respects the situation, we can provide parking spaces for as many disabled people and those without other options as possible.

I’m not using my parking ticket, what now?

Firstly: thank you! After the event, we will refund all unused parking tickets. As a token of our gratitude, you will also receive a €10 voucher for Elfia merch.

Is there a Kiss & Ride?

Yes! Normally, we use the bus stop at Kasteel de Haar (right in front of the castle entrance) for this purpose. We understand that more people may now opt for drop-off. A driver who drops everyone off and then goes home, or perhaps also comes and parks at one of the stations and takes the shuttle bus. So, you can indeed drop off people, but please do so quickly and try not to stop on the road, allowing traffic to flow as smoothly as possible.

Why was the communication so late?

We did everything we could to make the parking lot as accessible as possible. Think of options like spreading sand, extra track mats, and wood chips. Since Tuesday, we have been working intensively on a contingency plan to cope with potentially diminishing parking spaces. This included starting to look for extra shuttle buses and drivers.

Yesterday afternoon, we were definitively informed that a large part of the parking lot was being disapproved by Natuurmonumenten. As a result, approximately 75% of the parking spaces are no longer available. At that point, we immediately put the contingency plan into action. Moving present cars, securing the extra shuttle buses, obtaining permission, etc. We had to wait for all involved parties and authorities to give the green light before we could communicate this to you.

Why pay for the shuttle bus?

We looked into whether it was possible to convert all parking tickets into shuttle bus tickets and refund the remaining amount. Logistically, it has proven unfeasible to carry out this without the risk of avoidable chaos at the shuttle buses. Therefore, we choose to refund all unused parking tickets after the event.

What are the shuttle bus times?

The shuttle buses run every day from half past eight. Normally, the buses run until half an hour after the event, but obviously, more people than usual are now taking the shuttle bus. We ensure that the shuttle buses run for as long as possible, so everyone can return to a station or their car.