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At Elfia, we like to see you all dressed up and sometimes these costumes include (fake) weapons.

However, there are several important rules you need to take into account:

Airsoft and paintball weapons are STRICTLY PROHIBITED at Elfia. Airsoft weapons are often well-made replicas and they are hard to tell apart from real ones.

By Dutch Law, Airsoft weapons are for this reason only allowed in assigned areas that are signed up at the Nederlandse Airsoft Vereniging [Dutch Airsoft association]. The organisation of the Castle and Elfia are not qualified. This also counts for weapons without munition or batteries. Visitors with Airsoft weapons will be refused entry to the festival and eventually cleared from the grounds. Do you want to bring a fake ‘firearm’ as part of your costume? Make sure this weapon is easily identifiable as fake and place an orange or yellow cap on the barrel.

Sharp pointed weapons are NOT allowed on Elfia. They can only be brought when they are (made) blunt. Carrying melee weapons and archery weapons are only allowed on the public road when well-wrapped and needing at least three actions to unwrap.
Nerf guns are allowed on Elfia and visitors can walk around with them freely on the festival grounds.
Weapons made of latex and/or rubber (destined for LARP, Roleplay etc.) are allowed.

Weapons bought at Elfia should remain packed at all times. You can hand in these weapons, while wrapped, to Souvenirs&Lockers for safe keeping. The police regularly check on these weapons. As a buyer, you yourself are responsible for complying the law.

The security and organisation have the last say in all cases about allowing weapons.
Usage of weapons may only happen with expert supervision and at least 5 metres distance from the public.
Shooting a (cross)bow is only allowed with expert supervision in the assigned shooting ranges.
Selling blunt, bladed weapons and melee weapons without sharp edges is allowed, if the weapons have a fantasy or historical character (older than 20th century). On the same conditions, the selling of (cross)bows is allowed as well. Selling firearms is prohibited under all conditions.