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At Elfia, we like to see you all dressed up and sometimes these costumes include (fake) weapons.

However, there are some important weapon rules to keep in mind:

Airsoft and Paintball Guns

Airsoft or Paintball guns are STRICTLY PROHIBITED at Elfia. Airsoft guns are often replicas of real weapons and are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. By law, Airsoft guns are only allowed on designated premises registered with the Dutch Airsoft Association. The castle organizations and Elfia are not designated for this purpose. This also applies to weapons without ammunition or batteries. Visitors with Airsoft guns will be refused entry at the entrance and may be removed from the premises. If you want to bring a fake “firearm” as part of a costume, make sure that this weapon is clearly recognizable as fake and attach a yellow or orange cap to the barrel.

Bladed Weapons

Sharp bladed weapons are NOT allowed at Elfia. Bladed weapons may only be carried if they are genuinely blunt.

Transporting bladed and blunt weapons, as well as bows, on public roads to and from the event site is only permitted if the mentioned weapons are properly packaged and require at least three actions to unpack them. This also applies on the event site.

Weapons purchased at Elfia must remain in their packaging at all times. The police regularly check these weapons, both visibly and invisibly. As the buyer, you are responsible for complying with this law.

Nerf Guns

Nerf guns are allowed at Elfia and visitors may freely carry these weapons around the event site. Weapons made of rubber and/or latex (for LARP, Roleplay, etc.) are permitted.

Security and Weapon Use

The security and site organization have the final say in whether or not weapons are allowed. The use of weapons is only permitted for entertainment groups hired by the organization under expert supervision.

(Cross)bow and Arrows

Shooting with a self-brought (cross)bow is not allowed. Stretching a bow for a photo is allowed, but you may not stretch it with an arrow attached.


Sale of blunt bladed and bludgeoning weapons without sharp cutting edges is permitted as long as the weapons have a historical character (older than the 20th century) or a clear fantasy character. Under the same conditions, the sale of (cross)bows is also allowed. Sale of firearms is not permitted.