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Elfia Haarzuilens 2024

20 & 21 April

Elfia is more than just an event; it’s an enchanting journey through diverse worlds. Upon entering this magical kingdom, visitors step beyond the boundaries of reality into a realm of adventure and magic.

In this wondrous kingdom, not only do Elfians come together, but also enthusiastic caterers who wish to bring their own magical cuisine to Elfia. Do you have a magical kitchen waiting to be discovered?

At Elfia, we embrace diversity and continually strive to welcome innovative food and beverage concepts. We are seeking caterers who can surprise Elfians, satisfy their hunger, and pique their curiosity with unique culinary experiences.

Do you have a catering concept that fits seamlessly into the enchanting world of Elfia, not only in taste but also in presentation? Let us know! We warmly invite you to apply as a caterer for our magical event. Together, we can enchant visitors with your culinary creations and make the atmosphere of Elfia even more magical.

Don’t wait any longer; become an essential ingredient in Elfia’s culinary magic:

Interested? Immerse yourself in a culinary Elfian adventure, but not without checking out our general terms and conditions for caterers. Read them for important information and prepare for an enchanting experience.