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Elfia Arcen 2022

17 & 18 September

Do you have a costume that you’ve been working on for months, years or maybe just weeks or days? Are your proud of your creation and would you like to show it off during Elfia? In that case: the costume parade is for you!


  • The Costume Parade will take place on the Cour in front of the main entrance of the castle.
  • The public will take place around the large Cour
  • You can approach from a side gate (Duivenpoort) and will walk a round of 30 to 80 meters in total.
  • Registration will take place at the Duivenpoort. The candidates will stay here until it’s their turn and will walk from the Duivenpoort onto the Costume Court and the public will be able to see the costumes. Candidates will receive an explanation of the running route during registration.
  • To avoid silences, we ask all candidates to send music with their registration. Since you’re walking quite a distance, it’s nice to have music of your choice underneath. This does not mean that you must do an act, this is not mandatory. Do you want to do an act? Keep in mind that you do this after about 20 meters on the Cour itself. There is 1 handheld microphone available per act.
  • The Costume Parade will be presented as usual by Prof. Roland Rotherham. The presentation will therefore be in English.

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