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Elfia Arcen 2024

21 & 22 September
18 January 2024

New anchor man Elfia Costume Parade!

Manuel steps into the role of the majestic host for the Elfia Costume Parade, clad in a spellbinding creation crafted by this illustrious Disney designer and costume sorcerer.

Haarzuilens 2024

Our cherished professor, Uncle Roly, was the architect behind transforming the Elfia Costume Parade into the Grand Spectacle of Elfia and realms beyond. His whimsical commentary and daring judgments turned the Costume Parade into a riotous adventure. However, the time has come to extend the Costume Parade’s allure to the realm of international Cosplay Awards. And who better to orchestrate this transition into Cosplay stardom than the Italian supernova of talent, Manuel d’Andrea?

Yet, Roly isn’t fading into the mist of retirement! Apart from his renowned lectures and his esteemed role as the Marshal of the Elfia Diplomatic Corps, he’ll be introducing captivating new segments to the Elfia showcase. Soon, we’ll unravel more about these captivating additions.

In the midst of this, we proudly announce that Manuel has embarked on a new role as the Artistic Director of Elfia. Brace yourselves, for more enchanting revelations are on the horizon. ✨