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Elfia Arcen 2024

21 & 22 September
15 September 2023

Latest information about Elfia Arcen 2023


Dear Elfians,

Soon you will enter the magical Kingdom of Elfia and we can’t wait to welcome you. To make your journey go smoothly, here we share some important details:

New Elfian entrance

At the gates of our Kingdom, we have decorated the entrance in a special way this year. In this way, we hope to give everyone a warm welcome to Elfia.

When you arrive at the car park, all tickets will be scanned at the so-called Ticket Control, recognisable by large white tents. On the walkway, between the parking lots, is the split between VIP and Good/Late Elf tickets. Follow these to the appropriate gates at the Ticket Control.

Next, VIP Elfians receive their magical wristbands, while day visitors receive a visa ticket. With this, you continue your way to the entrance. On presentation of your wristband or visa card, you will gain direct access to Elfia’s transit zone, where you will also encounter customs and border guards. A perfect place to get together and start the day with a delicious cup of (iced) coffee.

VIP Elfians may also enter the rest of the kingdom from 9.30am, a special ‘VIP Entrance’ has been set up next to the orangery for this purpose. On Sunday, VIP-Elfians of course do not have to go through Ticket Control again. On presentation of your wristband, you may enter immediately via the entrance at the main gate.

Reserve your locker

Whether you bring valuables or want to charge your mobile devices during the day, our lockers are at your disposal. Bring your own charging cable, though. Don’t worry, not even delphiniums and goblins can crack them – your belongings are safe!

Please note, from Thursday lockers will no longer be available through our website, book your locker here.

And to make things even more interesting: our ‘small’ lockers are ‘medium’ at Lockeronline, our ‘medium’ lockers are ‘large’, and our ‘large’ lockers are ‘extra large’ at them. In other words, what we call a small locker is a medium locker at Lockeronline.

Friday evening around 6pm you will receive the codes for your locker by e-mail!

Buy your parking tickets in advance!

Are your passport and tickets ready yet? Don’t forget to buy your parking tickets in advance too! This will avoid waiting times at the car park. This way, we make sure you can enter and leave the Kingdom smoothly and enjoy the adventure to the fullest.

Road closures

Coming by car? Then keep an eye on the following roadworks and check your route in advance:

The A67 from Germany towards Eindhoven is closed at Venlo. As a result, the Velden exit from Germany will not be accessible. Coming from the direction of Eindhoven you will not be inconvenienced on the way out, but you will not be able to use the slip road to the A67 on the way back

Enchanting but changing block schedule

There have been some changes to our programme this week, which means that the printed programme is no longer up to date. Don’t worry, the latest block schedule is always available on our website, as well as a comprehensive downloadable programme.

Ministry of Import & Export

As many of you already know, Elfia mead is no longer for sale, as we are no longer allowed to import or export this magical elixir. But not to worry! We still have a limited supply, to drink at the Tavern near the Medieval Meadow. Fortunately, other supplies are still in order. For instance, our Souvenir Stand has managed to import wonderful new pins, magnets and keycords!

Magic is in the air – and sunshine!

The weather forecast for this weekend is radiant, with a touch of magic in the air! VIP tickets and Saturday tickets are sold out, but there is still room for new and old Elfians on Sunday! Come enjoy the last days of summer before rainy weather drives you inside.

Buy your tickets for Sunday here.