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Elfia Arcen 2024

21 & 22 September
1 September 2023

Discover Spiritual Valley: Elfia’s First Spirit Village

Great news for all Elfians who are passionate about spirituality!


We are proud to introduce a brand-new addition to Elfia: Spiritual Valley. This year, we immerse ourselves in the theme of ‘Nature’, a place where magic and the natural world come together. 🍃

📍 Where to find?

On the Elfia map, you’ll find the village under the name Spiritual Valley, but there are also activities happening at the Spiritual Stage or in the Magical Forest.

🌟 Gathering in Spiritual Valley

Twice a day, our community comes together in our charming village, and all Elfians are part of it. Start your day with our special Day Opening, where drums and rituals take center stage. Feeling the energy later in the day? Join the vibrant Drum Circle, where everyone, whether you drum, rattle, or clap, is welcome to participate.

📅 What’s on?


  • 11:15am – Day Opening led by Gabs
  • 3:15pm – Drum Circle led by the Innerpeace community
  • Interactive story journeys with Gabs & Aunt Ans
  • Personal tarot readings by Brigitte van Riel
  • Magical meditation journeys at Listening Heart
  • Magical Healing Sounds at Gabs’ Lighthouse
  • Attend lectures or fairy tale and story consultations by Abe the Storyteller



We look forward to seeing you!