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Elfia Haarzuilens 2024

20 & 21 April
13 August 2023

Don’t miss the 7 Short Episodes of Story of Elfia Season 2


Embark on an epic rollercoaster with the launch of 7 thrilling short stories in the ‘Story of Elfia’ series.

Get ready to take the reins of adventure tightly as you join the fearless Viking generals, led by the one and only King Roel, on the frontline of Elfia. Be warned, Ivar and the scheming Countess Catherine de Faos have assembled an army intent on wreaking havoc.

This isn’t just a mission to protect the Empire. This is about the tiny Elf, fresh off the press, who is destined to take the reins of an entire century as the ultimate king of Elfia. As if that weren’t enough, we spice up the adventure with a touch of destiny and a pinch of unity. Expect a raging time trial that beats the clock and pushes the barometer of loyalty and sacrifice to its limits. Prepare to laugh, cry, and most of all, a lot of popcorn.

You can find all episodes on our Story of Elfia webpage

De filmopnames vonden plaats op de ijzertijd boerderij in Dongen

🎥 Episode filmed & edited by: Thijmen Productions 🎬