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Elfia Arcen 2024

21 & 22 September
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Elfia has been a kingdom since 2008. Kings and queens are democratically elected. There was a full-blown panic mode when Roly Rotherham proclaimed himself dictator in 2021 and even emperor in 2022, but calm quickly returned when Aurelia, Queen of Ruby was elected head of state. In 2023 there will be new elections in which the ambassadors will cast their votes. Below is the list of all royal rulers over the years. All life-size banners are also on display during Elfia events and are designed by Brielle-based historic designer Jannes.

King Roel, The Warrior King (2023)

Queen Aurelia, Court of the ruby queen (2022)

Emperor Roly Rotherham (2022)

Elf Duce Roly Rotherham (2021)

Wizard Council of Pannkoch (2019 – 2020)

Victoria & Albert (2018)


Opa & Oma (2017)

Chaptoson & Volumia (2017)

Elanor & Kilian (2016)

Pompadour & Peredur (2016)

Jesselin (2015)

Jan & Persia (2015)


MaXimus & Minerva (2014)

Anarane & Gildor (2014)


Morgana & Kalina (2013)


Zlatan & Adrian (2013)


Britteke & Kat (2012)
Knoet & Morg (2012)


Vladimulder (2011)

Midas & Avaritia (2011)


Flint & Ninde (2010)

Bifi en Mutti (2010)

Gyan & Netel (2009)
Earane I (2008)

Do you have qualities that can further flourish and protect our kingdom, and are you willing to take on this important task? Then step forward as successor to …! To join the imposing list. you must meet a number of conditions. The rules and conditions state what these conditions are and how you can apply.