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Elfia Arcen 2024

21 & 22 September
7 April 2024

Elfia Independence Day

7 April. Mark this day. It is the Elfia Independence Day

Haarzuilens 2024 News

7 April Elfia Independence Day

In the calendar of the Elfians, it was in the year 20,900 NN (Nenar Nost); 20,900 years after the birth of the second sun. In that year, the great leader Elfar took up arms against the bloodthirsty Maacahs who until then had imposed their will on all other fantasy races on the planet Eve and literally sucked their blood.

Elfar started the great revolution at the right time. He got all the other fantasy races behind him and within a short time the weakened Maacah clan was overrun, and Elfar was able to declare Elfia’s independence. It was April 7 and the kingdom of Elfia was a fact with Elfar as its first king.

And as if fate so decreed, Elfia, exactly 1,098 Elves (Nenar Nost) years later, on April 7, 2001 Anno Domini, could open the gates to human travelers. Because the two timelines of both the planet Eve and the planet Earth briefly touched each other, members of the human race were able to visit Elfia for the first time that year.

But also Elfians could now for the first time become acquainted with the strange cultures on the planet of the people, the earth. Some Elfians even liked this so much that they decided to settle on earth. As a result, April 7 is now not only celebrated in the kingdom of Elfia, but also in various places on earth. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly see an Elfia flag flying on April 7th. It is an innocent expression to celebrate the independence of our beloved kingdom.