Elfia Arcen

- 21 & 22 September 2019 -
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A world of Fables & Fairytales opens up in front of your eyes when you cross the border between fantasy and reality. Create your own story in the lovely September sun during Elfia Arcen on 21 & 22 September 2019!

We all love stories. We were born for it. In fact your life is one long story, as well as it is the case with myself. Our stories regularly connect and often we end up in the same story with others.

The big question then becomes: who writes the story? We often have the feeling that someone else is in control and that we have no influence on the events in our life story. We let our lives be led by often unknown storytellers who do not always have good intentions for us.

But what if I tell you that there is a world where you can tell your own story in peace? In which no one puts pressure on you to follow his story and not yours. In which stories flow harmoniously into each other and where you tumble across each other with enthusiasm to complement each other’s story? In which you develop an enormous pleasure to play a leading role in those stories? And above all: in which you discover your greatest power, the secret sauce, the magical ingredient of your life: wonder. Wonder opens your eyes. It suddenly shows you all the beauty around you; all the beauty of nature but also all the beauty in the people around you. With astonishment you suddenly discover glittering diamonds in even the most annoying people. And it makes the diamond in yourself sparkle.¬† And because wonder is so innocent, it is also disarming and has an enormous appeal.
The kingdom of Elfia is such a world where all this can happen. In which wonder is not related to age. In which you are witnessing the smallest child raising the biggest eyes and the shyest adults blossoming into the most beautiful characters.
Elfia is the place where dream and reality merge, where you never dream alone and where you will experience that wonders never cease.
Welcome to the kingdom of wonders, welcome to Elfia!

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