Elfia Haarzuilens

- 22 & 23 April 2023 -
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Fully engaged in the preparations of your costume for Elfia. All caught up by what you’re going to wear. The beautiful castle of Haarzuilens appears in your thoughts. Grand, majestic and in April, completely populated by Elfians in all shapes and sizes. And then suddenly you think: What is the most convenient way to get there? Where will I stay the night?

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Unfortunately, there will be no official Elfia-campsite at Elfia Haarzuilens 2020. The neighbours of Castle the Haar who took organised the campsite in previous years decided to no longer continue this task. Behind the scenes we tried to find an alternative location for the campsite, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to find one yet.

Check the page Accommodations for other sleeping arrangements in the area.