Elfia Haarzuilens

- 22 & 23 April 2023 -
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Kasteel de Haar
Kasteellaan 1
3455 RR Haarzuilens

Public Transport

Kasteel de Haar is near station Vleuten, from there trains leave regularly over Utrecht Central to ‘s-Hertogenbosch or Tiel. Trains going the other way go through Gouda and Woerden to Den Haag Centraal [The Hague]. Further, busses from U-OV stop near the castle and at station Vleuten as well.

Plan your journey on https://www.ns.nl/en or https://9292.nl/en

A special shuttle bus drives you easily from station Vleuten to Kasteel de Haar.

Shuttle bus

Busses start driving at 9:00h on both Saturday and Sunday morning from NS station Vleuten.
The busses drive three or four times an hour depending on the amount of people.
The bus schedules are aligned with the train schedule of station Vleuten.
On Saturday, the last bus will leave at 22:30h and on Sunday at 20:30h. Be in time!
One of the busses is suitable for wheelchairs and will drive once every hour.

You can buy a two-way bus ticket for € 5,- in the bus, you can pay by cash or debit card (Maestro).


Haarzuilens is near Utrecht, so you head for that direction. It depends on your route which highway exit you should take. For an exact route descripition, please check https://maps.google.nl/


For parking at the parking lots of Kasteel de Haar, you need a parking ticket. These can be bought online and at the cashier of the castle.
The parking tickets are only valid for one day and will be validated when you drive off.

Update about parking

The fields around Castle the Haar previously used for parking, are no longer available. One of them is being used by the gold court. Another field is managed by Natuurmonumenten, they will increase the rent. This resulted in a big search for a new parking space for Elfia Haarzuilens.

Other parties have presented themselves and now we’re working out the details. As soon as these are worked out, the parking tickets will be available in the webshop.

There will be a parkinglot, the exact location is just not sure yet.