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Elfia Haarzuilens 2024

20 & 21 April
23 December 2022



We and other organizers of events at De Haar Castle have been reprimanded by the municipal authorities. A new regulation prohibits us from selling alcohol in closed bottles during the event. We have looked for alternative options with the municipality and the castle organization, but unfortunately there are none. We can continue to sell mead, mead beer and other specialty beers during Elfia, but only if this is served on the spot. But honey wine in closed bottles has unfortunately become a thing of the past in Haarzuilens. We ourselves – just like all of you – were particularly devoted to this delicious drink of the gods, but we will now have to rely on the taps of, for example, the pirate bar. Fans of the rare specialty beers from small breweries that have recently also been sold during Elfia can probably still get their money’s worth, provided that the bottle is opened by the seller on the spot.

So heavenly Elfian honey wine may flow down your esophagus, only this will happen in the kingdom itself and not on your own couch after you have brought the precious liquid home.