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Elfia Arcen 2024

21 & 22 September
6 January 2023

“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet” – the Trouble Notes

On August 4, 1782, Constanze Weber married her rebel and musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Vienna. With her down-to-earth mentality, she was more than a good match for her husband's quirky sense of humour. For Mozart, Constanze was a godsend and their marriage turned out to be one of the happiest periods of his life. In turn, Constanze was so enchanted by Mozart and his music that she exclaimed: "dancing (to Mozart's music-red) is like dreaming with your feet".


You'll never dream alone - Trouble Notes

250 years later, three other rebellious music makers pay tribute to this famous phrase by Constanze. This time they are not from Vienna, but from Berlin. And this time they don’t write operas, sonatas or church music, but folk music. Their name: the Trouble Notes.

It’s impossible to sit still when you hear their music. The urge to dance is too great. And with their latest hit, you don’t have to be the only one dreaming with your feet. “You’ll never dream alone” is a musical invitation to dance with others, to dream with others. The three troublemakers of “You’ll never dream alone” are inspired by the community of cosplayers who always come together at the Elfia events. The beautiful, casual and respectful way in which cosplayers interact, admire and experience each other is exactly the tone that the Trouble Notes wants to strike.

And this time they go one step and one dream further: they call on the cosplay community to take on a challenge, a tiktok dance challenge based on the graceful and dreamy dance moves in the clip. Check out their song “You’ll never dream alone” on tiktok, and help them put the cosplay community on the map by participating in this dance challenge. Even if it’s just a few seconds. It will give even more the feeling that we as cosplayers are connected. And if there’s a community somewhere that can now prove that ‘dancing is like dreaming with your feet’, it’s the cosplay community.