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Elfia Haarzuilens 2023

April 22 & 23
30 October 2022

Will you become the new king or queen of Elfia?


The kingdom of Elfia needs a new head of state in 2023. So elections are coming up. Queen Aurelia of the Court of the Ruby Queen currently rules Elfia, supported by her court. Thanks to her, the tide has turned after a period of turmoil in which Roly had crowned himself dictator and then emperor. Elfia is once again a royal democracy thanks to Aurelia.

Queen Aurelia is far from calm. During her reign, a very special development took place: the discovery of the ELF by explorer Alberto de Polo. The court magi foretold it ages ago: the true ruler of Elfia would come to our beloved land in 2022. However, no one could have foreseen that this true ELF would arrive as a newborn. This means that we have to wait another 111 years before the ELF is an adult and can lead Elfia. You can read more about the arrival of the ELF here.

In the meantime, Queen Aurelia has instructed the ambassadors to call new elections for the Elfia head of state in 2023. Candidates can register from now on. All information can be found here.

Queen Aurelia of the Court of the Ruby Queen