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Elfia Arcen 2024

21 & 22 September
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Irish Dancing – CRAIC Irish Dance Company
Fantasy bracelet – Artisaen
Fantasy perfume – Bepstyle
Leather processing, make your own bag – Eternal Designs
Butterfly Taxidermy – Nature Deco
Diffuser oil – Moira Natuurvrouw
Manga for beginners – Keep In Mind
Hair accessories – Dreams Barcelona
Make a spider bobby pin – Queen in Black
Make your own mini message in a bottle – Jeracraft
Make your own drinking horn – Ram Huidenhandel
Paint your own door to the realm of fairies – Faery Goods
Bodhran Basics – Celtic World
Create an unique book character – Sophia Drenth
Plot your Story – J. Polane (Het Verboden Rijk)
Make you own fantasy bra – Black Velvet
Make your own headpiece – Black Velvet
What dream world is your reality? – Dizary
Worldbuilding: How do you create a convincing fantasy world? – Jen Minkman (Het Verboden Rijk)
Juggling – Speelbol
Paint your own RPG terrain – Lefty Games
Mindfulness for kids – Sanna van Bentveld


Elfia Square (11)

Cedric’s Poffertjes
Mini pancakes, baked the Old Dutch style

Crepes Piraten
A variety of freshly baked sweet and savory pancakes

Crispy fried fish and salmon smoked on the spot

Chimney cake, freshly baked with several sweet toppings

Gazsinker Food
High quality bio meat and vegetables, grilled on the largest BBQ of the Netherlands

Koek & Zopie
Deli(fabu)licious coffees with a retro-twist, made and served by a real barista

The Wall of Beer
A dream come true for beer and wine lovers

Met Amensis
Top quality honeywines from their own winery and delicious dark beer, freshly tapped

Vegan and vegetarian food at its best, fresh and healthy

Nancy’s Pizza
Tasty pizzas and pastas

Frites Boetique
traditionally prepared fries with various delicious and homemade toppings

Rise and Shine
Breakfast-store, nothing better than a good cup of coffee

Cooking Highlander
High-quality vegetarian food, fresh and healthy

Sweet delicious candy apples and tasty roasted almonds

Field of Honour (5)

Taverne de Dolle Gans
All drinks a thirsty Elfian needs

The Frying Dutchman
Fried festival food made for you by frying-pirates

Faire Grounds (19)

Den Knusse Cockerije
Fried festival food made for you by frying-pirates

Sinners and Saints
All drinks a thirsty Elfian needs

Crepes Piraten
A variety of freshly baked sweet and savory pancakes

Met Amensis
Top quality honeywines from their own winery and delicious dark beer, freshly tapped

Dragon Alley/Royal Realm (16/17)

Pittige Dames
The Nacho Paradise, get surprised by the variety of taste nd toppings

Fantasy Faire (18)

Curry Coen
Tasty pulled meat and fish in crispy buns

Boulevard of Dreams/Castle Grounds

Mead Milkshakes
Especially for Elfia, Medieval Catering crafted delicious new Mead Milkshake flavours with Elfia Mead as a base. Surprise yourself with Walnut, Sweet Caramel, Vanilla or Magic Mead Milkshakes! (18+)
Prefer alcohol free? Try one of the other handcrafted new Milkshake flavours.

Also available this year: the delicious homemade ice cream flavours with Elfia Mead as base (18+). Also available alcohol free.


Fantasy Avenue (2)

  • The Fudge Man
  • Black Silver
  • Lazell Historic
  • VOF Swagup
  • Dino Jewellery
  • Mineralz
  • English Pottery Giftware
  • Fairyland
  • Loeff Bureau Creative
  • Lumeriawinkel
  • Samsara
  • Crownest on the attic
  • Celtic Treasure
  • Steampunk Heaven
  • Ed’s Living and Art
  • Ans Worst
  • Otaku Shoppu

Boulevard of Dreams (3)

  • W.J.H. van Gennip Textiel
  • Nimisa Publishing House
  • Bab’s Art Creations
  • Wiked Wigs
  • The Coloured House
  • Trollfelsen
  • The American Book Center
  • Uitgeverij Zilverspoor

Châtelet Lane (4)

  • Het stripfiguur
  • Boekhandel het Verboden Rijk
  • Fudge-World
  • Keep in Mind
  • Fantasy En’Counter

Field of Honour (5)

  • Susanne’s Art
  • Wonderland Cakes
  • Doggy Pawn Boutique
  • Creative Fantasy
  • Freak Out Gear
  • Joshua Telkamp
  • Wijzen naar de maan
  • HandmadebyOrtlep

Styx (9)

  • Mytholon GmbH
  • The Black Ship
  • ArrrFanyasy
  • Trollart
  • Loesje Handel
  • Black Planet

Magic Grounds (10)

  • Attitude Holland
  • BepStyle
  • De Poppenkraal
  • Babashop
  • The A Factor Shop
  • FabTabLab
  • Lychee Tea

Walhalla (11)

  • Elsiera
  • EarCatchers
  • Ravendark
  • CosplayClues
  • Eijkens Huiden en Vachten
  • Fabion
  • Lord and Fairytales
  • Eron’s Entertainment Store

Witches Circle (14)

  • Aniworld4u
  • Jhullia Import
  • Dutch Zie je Zo / Skgirlz
  • Mandoka
  • Stixandstones
  • CaveGirl / Almea’s Speelgoed
  • Silverfantasy
  • Tassenboetiek Trukado

Story Field (16)

  • Poi Doctor
  • Shanti Design
  • Godijn Publishing
  • Wizarding Shop
  • Salem’s Fantasy Gifts
  • Uitgeverij Versa
  • Belo Mundo
  • City Sheep Nature

Medieval Road / Chapel (21/22)

  • Bard & Jester
  • AlexKuipersComics
  • Cows & More
  • Wunderzimmer
  • Black Oak Smederij

Medieval Road (21)

  • Hennali: Art of Henna
  • Nomad Art
  • Rasa Creations
  • Zwaardenkoning
  • Ruedy
  • IK Fashion
  • Rocking Magpie
  • JeraCraft Ricewriting
  • Shakti
  • Fantasy Giftshop
  • Barcelona Dreams
  • Ypermanfantasypaints
  • Yvan Ruet
  • Gra Skull
  • Dreamclothing / Droomfontein
  • Alex Felle
  • Edles Geschmeide
  • Ram Huidenhandel
  • Moira Natuurvrouw
  • Gabrielle eyecatcher alternative giftshop
  • Eternal-designs
  • Indovleermuisje
  • Meraki Creations
  • Avothea /feniks & co
  • Artisaen
  • Hannie’s Hakhoning
  • Axt Collection
  • Kovex-Arts
  • Seidi Clothing
  • Fantasyatelier
  • Celtic World
  • Magic Wotan
  • Hebbus en Noggus
  • Loeros
  • Trade Mark Den Haag
  • Lazell Historic
  • Arpad Takacs
  • Papagaio
  • Facepaint in Progress
  • Cadavre Exquis Couture
  • Unlicht GmbH
  • CaramelZ
  • Massagepraktijk Rumah Senang
  • Jack of Dice & The Queen Ring
  • Magic Kingdom