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Elfia Arcen 2019

21 - 22 September 2019

Haarzuilens 2019

25 December 2018

We wish you wonderful holidays and an Elftastic new year!

Time flies! The Elfian year comes to its end too. That's why we wish all Elfians wonderful holidays and an Elftastic new year! We look back on a year full of great memories to past editions, beautiful costumes and new friendships. We wish you all the best for the new year and let's toast to a year with even more friendships, mead and beautiful moments!  


With glee, we look back on a great year. A year filled with dragons and druids, in which King Albert and Queen Victoria ruled the kingdom. In which we saw dragon eggs hatch, but also a year in which we had to say goodbye to the troll.

A year filled with surprises.
In April, the Labyrinth Stage materialized in the North West of the kingdom. The people found their way to this new stage and danced all day to the joyful balfolk music that played.
When the gates opened in September, both Elfians and raindrops came to us in large numbers. Also, The kingdom appeared in a different layout. This gave the opportunity for many Elfians to explore their beloved and always changing kingdom.

Do you want to know more about what happened past editions and who were there? Take a look at our National Archives. You’ll find maps, programs, lists of catering and exhibitors and more of the past editions. At the moment we’re working hard to translate all the other Elfian scrolls with information. Missing information will be added.

Let’s go full steam ahead to next year, with even more costumes and above all a year in which we -together with you- will enjoy of the new editions of Elfia.

What do you look forward to most? Will you dream with us?

And remember: In Elfia, you’ll never dream alone!