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Elfia Arcen 2024

21 & 22 September
20 March 2024

Saturday parking tickets sold out – Alternative transportation options!

Several roads lead to Haarzuilens, which path will you choose?

Haarzuilens 2024

Are you planning to travel to the Kingdom of Elfia by car on Saturday, April 20th, but haven’t managed to secure a parking ticket yet? Don’t panic!

Yes, the parking tickets for Saturday are sold out – but there are more ways to travel to the castle. You can easily park your car at one of the nearby NS train stations to take the train to Vleuten station. Once arrived, you can hop on the Elfian shuttle bus that will take you directly to the gates of the Kingdom. Of course, you can also park at Vleuten station itself, but this parking lot will fill up quickly.

There will be 2 buses starting to run from 8:30 AM to Castle de Haar. From 10:00 AM, a total of 5 buses will be in rotation, so there’s room for everyone! During this approximately 15-minute ride, you get the chance to meet other Elfians and share the adventures waiting for you in the Kingdom before being dropped off directly at the gates.

The buses shuttle between the gates of the Kingdom and Vleuten station, so when you’re ready to leave, you’ll be brought back neatly. The buses run until half an hour after the event. So on Saturday until 10:30 PM and on Sunday until 7:30 PM. The price of this round-trip is only 6 euros and can be purchased on the bus with your debit card or cash. In this case, paying with your debit card is preferred to not hold up the process and arrive at the Kingdom of Elfia as quickly as possible.

Good to know: parking tickets are still available for Sunday!