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Elfia Haarzuilens 2024

20 & 21 April
16 April 2023

The Roel Coin


Did you know that Elfia has its own currency? The Elfo. The coins are minted by the Royal Bank of Elfia. Each time a new head of state is installed, the Bank creates a new coin in honor of the new ruler. This time the Bank has minted the ‘Roel coin’ to celebrate the inauguration of the new king on Sunday 23 April: Roel, the warrior king.

There are now 3 coins in circulation: the Roly coin, the Ruby coin and the Roel coin.

Each coin represents a value of 5 Elfos, or 8 euros.

You can use the coin at every catering establishment in Elfia. Some coins will be rarer than others. The Royal Bank of Elfia will release a new Elfo coin every year.
Some are rarer than others.

Every year the Royal Bank of Elfia will release a new Elfo coin.