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Elfia Haarzuilens 2023

April 22 & 23
7 September 2022

Rare ‘Ruby’ Elfo coin


Elfia has a legal tender, the Elfo’s. The Royal Mint Elfia issues a special commemorative coin every year. You can save this coin, but you can also spend it at catering establishments on Elfia. The exchange rate value is currently 8 Euros against 5 Elfo’s. Each commemorative coin is worth 5 Elfo’s and is currently on sale for €8.

The Royal Mint Elfia has released a very small, rare edition: the Ruby Elfo coin, in honor of the new head of state.

In addition to the ‘Roly’ Elfo coin, you can also purchase this Ruby coin in the Elfia souvenir stand for €8 each. It was only issued in a very limited edition of 500 pieces, so be quick as they won’t be minted in the future.

De Roly Elfo coin
De Ruby Elfo coin