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Shamanic Power Healing

A magical “me-time” Shamanic healing moment on the Elfian grounds.
Do you need “Me-time”, need a moment to relax from all your hussle and bussle? Do you want to clear your head and just let go of your tensions? Come and experience what a Shamanic Power Healing does for you.

Where healing and a unique way of “blowing & whistling is applied, to cleanse and purify your system, there will be more Inner peace and Space. Making sure your foundation is rock solid. To create calmness and a deep flow in your system.

That together with my drum, rattle, power feathers, Tibetan singing bowls gives the ultimate healing effect.
Know that everything happens in Love, compassion and equality.

“Een Krachtige Kans, weer terug in Balans
“A Powerful Opportunity, back in Balance”