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3 kandidaten. 1 troon

Wie wordt de opvolger van Uncle Roly?

Drie kandidaten strijden om de troon van Elfia. In een ultra geheime stemming zullen de 7 ambassadeurs van Elfia (Slovenia, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Spain bepalen wie de troonopvolger zal zijn. Op zondag 24 april zullen zij hun keuze bekend maken en zal het nieuwe staatshoofd gekroond worden.

De drie kandidaten zijn (in willekeurige volgorde):

  • Commander Allyna & Counselor Melanie: “I’m very invested and ambitious in all my projects and roles, when I have responsibilities I try my hardest to make sure everything is done correctly. I am raised with fantasy and magical realms, this gave me a creative mind and another way to look at the world. I’d work this creative view into the way I would lead Elfia”.


  • Halfdan & Saga, the Norse Protectors.: “we come from cold but beautiful lands and protect our home from dangers. We love to fight as well as to have fun and drink mead. We are curious of foreign lands and always are looking forward to new adventures and travels. One day as we were busy with our everyday life and simple tasks that kept us busy between travels, raids and feasts we heard the voices calling for us and we came to the seer who told us of our great destiny…to save the kingdom of Elfia and bring the joy and happiness back after dark lonely times, hunger and famish of its magical inhabitants. We felt the changes in us as we have learned of what Odin and Freya have prepared for us. We are ready to defend the Kingdom of Elfia from dangers surrounding it and bring back the magical blessings and bliss to magical creatures also known as Elfians. Grettir’s saga says that there is a time for everything.”


  • Ruby Queen Aurelia: “as the current ruling party of our beloved homeworld Nirin, we know like no other how important it is to have stable leadership. In order to have peace amongst all people so divided and unique, one must be steadfast and true. Rulers need to seek wisdom and need to be familiar with the very people they ought to protect. However, as you are well aware, we are now naught but refugees from that beautiful world we once called Home (Nirin). Wrecked by the all-consuming shadowbeast that was one of our beloved first Kings of eld, we fled. And in doing so, we brought along anyone who we could rescue and bring to safety (some of which found a home at the Kindom of Elfia). By visiting the Kingdom of Elfia we hope to gather enough magic to create ourselves a new home like the one we have lost (or even better). And we invite all whom are willing, to join us.”