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Fairy Nights

18 & 19 juni 2021, kasteel De Haar
Terug naar Het Koninkrijk Elfia

At Elfia Arcen 2017 we introduced you to one of the many stories out of the history of Elfia. With the help of a beautiful lasershow we told you the story of Draconis Elfia.

Draconis Elfia

For many moons the kingdom of Elfia has rested in peace. After expelling the Dark Faeries from the realm during the great battle of the Black Pools , after which the Light Faeries were victorious, all has been well.

The citizens of Elfia have been free to go about their daily lives. To restore the light where the Dark Faeries had extinguished it during their reign. The great sorcerers laid spells to guard the frontiers of the kingdom and they posted Elfian guards to patrol the borders. Within its realm all were safe.

Or were they?

The Dark Faeries had searched each other out. They had grouped together and had bought the services of the black sorcerer Du Kowan.

Du Kowan had cast spells to release the Shadow Dragons. For many years these dragons has been sealed in the deepest caverns by the sorcerers of Elfia. Even their chief magician the noble Er had thought them safely bound.

As the Shadow Dragons attacked the borders the elf guards were no match. The spell laid by Er had been overcome and the Dark Faeries fighting with the Shadow Dragons were gaining more ground each day.

Du Kowan rode at their head, casting his dark spells and casting fire blasts as they advanced.

As word of the invasion got back to the King and Queen they consulted with the Elfian ministers to ask what could be done.

The great wizard Er had long since passed into the Realm of Light where his soul rested with the other great sorcerers who had passed before.

On and on came the Shadow Dragons with the legions of Dark Faeries with them. In the capital of Elfia the King and Queen had been advised by their oldest minister, an old Elfian soldier who had served well for many years. He told them that the Shadow Dragons could only be stopped by summoning the Druids. The noble Druids had not been seen in Elfia for many moons and many had forgotten that they even existed.

The Druids lived in a place only accessible to heroes and only then by one who had the power of ‘dragon speech’. One such hero was found and he goes to find the Druids.

On entering the Druid’s grove he finds them writing down their nature magick. After introducing himself he explains that Elfia is in danger. Can they help?

The Druids explain that the Shadow Dragons can only be vanquished by the Great Draconis Elfia. As the Druids gather they assemble to hold their great magickal rite and the spell of summoning the Great Draconis Elfia into their midst. As lightening strikes and thunder sounds they hear the sounds of the Shadow Dragons in the background. They hear the shouts of the Faeries fighting and Elfia being destroyed.

As the Druid’s spell reaches it’s climax there appears in the middle of their gathering the huge shining shape of the Great Draconis Elfia. The hero is instructed by the Druids to mount the dragon and to talk with it, to ask the dragon for help. The dragon hears and agrees because the dragon holds within it the soul of the sorcerer Er, back as a dragon to once again guard Elfia.

The battle is fierce with all the Shadow Dragons being destroyed by the Great Draconis Elfia. Eventually the faerie soldiers push the Dark Faeries back to the borders where a great chasm has opened All the Dark Faeries and what is left of the Shadow Dragons fall deep in the chasm.

The King and Queen greet the Druids and the Great Draconis Elfia and with the help of their magick Elfia is restored to its beauty. The hero is rewarded and the identity of the Great Draconis Elfia is revealed.

The Druids are given a great hall in Elfia in which to live and study and cast their magick.

The realm of Elfia is once again peaceful.