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Elfia Haarzuilens 2023

22 & 23 April
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Elfia Ambassador in Slovenia

Nocti Vox (Sandra)

Former Queen of Elfia and now ambassador for Slovenian Elfians. Her Maitre d’Affaires, her attache is Robert, former King of Elfia. Each year they will switch places, so Robert will be the ambassador one year after Sandra has officially been installed.

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Elfia Ambassador in Germany

Gissy Gisbers

Gissy is our Elfian diplomat in Germany. He considers art and culture not just a part of his and everyone’s life but as a human right.  Art and culture are here to allow everyone to develop freely.

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Elfia Ambassador in Belgium

MysteriousMaemi (stéphanie)

Stephanie is also vice-president of the Cosplay4Charity group. Now being Elfia ambassador in Belgium she can give not only all Belgians a magical touch but her focus is also on giving wonderful experiences to ill children.

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Elfia Ambassador in France

Marten Schröder

Besides becoming ambassador, Marten is also the proud owner of Rumah Senang, where he and his team give massage and Reiki treatments to ‘fix’ Elfians. His embassy is located in le Centre de Bonnenouvelle in France, a center for wellness and personal development.

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Elfia Ambassador in the Netherlands

Lord Madoxx the Purple (Martin Koonen)

Martin has a legs disability and can’t walk very far without a wheelchair. His main purpose is to be an ambassador for people in the Netherlands with disabilities and to show them that Elfia is a place for all, with or without special needs.

Elfia Ambassador in the Netherlands

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Elfia Ambassador in the United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Roly Rotherham

There are only three people who are part of Elfia from the very beginning and Roly is one of them. Known for his exquisite lectures on many historical and legendary subjects, he is also well known for taking his job as an ambassador for lost and stranded Elfians in the UK very seriously.

Elfia Ambassador in the United Kingdom

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