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Elfia Arcen 2020

18 - 19 - 20 September 2020


The legend of the ancient rulers

This is the story of Valiar & Khaless, the ancient rulers of the magical realm.

During their time there was peace and harmony amongst all creatures. It was a time of balance, a time of freedom.

The only thing that was not always so peaceful was nature. Nature had a will of its own, with sometimes devastating results.

This story also takes us to one of these disasters, back to the eruption of the volcano on the island Atlan, which most certainly had  disastrous results.

As they sensed the disbalance on Atlan, the keepers of balance: Valiar & Khaless, gathered their most trusted followers: the Shadar-kai. Together they traveled to Atlan and started their ritual to slow down the eruption of the volcano. All of the Shadar-kai were channeling their energy to sustain the ritual for as long as possible. Apart from their followers there were even some wizards who came to aid the ritual. They also started chanting with the Shadar-kai, or so it seemed..

Unfortunately the wizards had something else in mind. During the ritual , Valiar and Khaless suddenly sensed some disturbance. They found out the true nature of the wizards and discovered they were absorbing power from the ritual. The wizards had noticed the huge burst of power coming from this ritual here on Atlan. Thus the wizards decided to travel to Atlan and absorb the great power from the ritual to get more and more power themselves. Because the absorption of power as well as the insertion of power were simultaneously, the ritual ended in a huge implosion. Valiar, Khaless and the Shadar-kai were cursed to an otherworldly plain called the Shadowfell.

As they were being sent to the Shadowfell they used their last power to curse the wizards into birdlike creatures, called Nagpa. Condemning them to eternal misery and stripping them from their magic and humanity. 

The Shadowfell was a place that contradicted Atlan. It was more of an echo, dark and gloomy. Because of this atmosphere all the creatures that lived there turned into a bleak versions of themselves. While they were trapped in this world, unable to get out, the world outside became more and more disbalanced and the concept of good and evil started to evolve. Creatures were being misunderstood and labeled as evil, or monsters even. These creatures were all banished to the Shadowfell, one by one. 

Nobody has ever heard of Valiar & Khaless again.


Until this day!

For centuries they fought to break the curse. Finally they succeeded in breaking the borders. Now their mission is to reclaim their rightful position as keepers of balance.
Valiar & Khaless discovered that the magic of Elfia still existed, making it the only logical place to start their mission, as Elfia is still the one place magical creatures gather.

Therefore Valiar & Khaless run for election, to bring back balance and freedom for all.