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Elfia Haarzuilens 2024

20 & 21 April

Founders of Elfia

Stefan Struik and Helena Struik are the creators behind the Elfia phenomenon. This phenomenon of an outdoor fantasy event / costume event did not exist anywhere in the world in 2001. There were outdoor medieval events or sci-fi happenings (all indoor). But the mix of all kinds of costume styles and subcultures in a fairytale setting like a castle was an unknown phenomenon. Cosplay also had to really get off the ground. For example, the first (indoor) world cosplay summit would only take place at the end of 2003 in Japan with only 5 cosplayers.

Elfia manifests itself not only as a cosplay and costume festival but also as a country, hence the name Kingdom of Elfia. The country has a different – elected – head of state every year; its own flag and national anthem, its own currency (the Elfo), ambassadors in now 7 different countries (Slovenia, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK) and even its own post office. During each event, actors unravel a little more of Elfia’s history and mythology.

Stefan Struik and  Helena Struik  first came up with the Elf Fantasy Shop store concept. This resulted in the event concept ‘Kingdom of Elfia’.

More information can be found at Wikipedia

Stefan Struik