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Tired of ordinary folk? Go for Malochermukke!

The Scarlet Scallywags

‘The Scarlet Scallywags’ are five young musicians, a suitcase brimfull with songs and distinctively dynamic, handmade folk music referred to as Malochermukke.

The band sweeps the audience away into Scottish pubs, onto bustling Irish festivals and overseas, across the rough ocean. The vocals are variably accompanied by fiddle, accordion, harmonica and tin whistle, deep Bodhrán and drum rhythms as well as the consonance of the guitar and the banjo.

Although the band was founded as recently as 2016, the members have gained stage experience for many years before. Paddy is part of the Münster-based pop/folk band ‘Punch Drunk Poets’; Bianca has been a member of the ‘Kilkenny Band’. With her classical violin education, Lea is the melodic backbone of the band. Benedict has been on the road as a solo artist for several years

and has gathered influences in the pubs of Edinburgh. Within the scene, the Scallywags are no more an unknown quantity:

Concerts together with band such as ‘The O’Reilly‘s and the Paddyhats’, ‘Waldkauz’ and members of ‘Mr. Irish Bastards’ tell their own tales. Christoph joined the band in 2018. Although he also has a classical background, he played in several different projects from HipHop to Folk-Rock.

The music of „The Scarlet Scallywags“ exudes the spirit of many centuries, enriched with a few well-told stories. Moreover, the programme is highly dynamic: Oldies and fast instrumentals follow soft ballads: Acer a Scallywags concert nobody will go home, without having chanted many a chorus or clapped along with some folky rhythms.