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A Tour Around Xativa Castle

Roland Rotherham: The story of Xativa castle


This is the very first talk in a brand new series of lectures that will be presented at every Elfia. Uncle Roly is going to take you on a very personal tour of all the castles that he has lived in, worked in and been associated with.

Never mind the tour booklets you will learn some of the hidden secrets that the visitors rarely or never see.

Starting with Xativa Castle. Uncle Roly lives just underneath its walls and is a regular to the truly ancient structure.

A history spanning 2,500 years? Yes!

Come and hear about Hannibal, Scipio Africanus, The Cid, the terrible burning of the town and much more.

Have a jelly baby and let Uncle Roly take you on the first of his tours and return each Elfia to catch up on the next of “Uncle Roly´s Castles” and learn the hidden history.


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