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Elfia Arcen 2019

21 - 22 September 2019

Haarzuilens 2019

5 January 2019

In which workshop will you participate?

Have you seen the workshop section in our Programme? Many exhibitors give you the opportunity to learn a new skill at their stand. With short workshops, with sometimes a small fee, you will be able to create your own masterpieces to finish up your costumes and decorate your home. In which workshop will you participate first?


We already have 10 exhibitors you can join for a workshop:


Workshop Fantasy bracelet

Let’s make a fantasy bracelet! These surprising and mysterious bands are often the finishing touch to your costume, an awesome fashion statement or you just love them. Have you always been interested in how they are made? Come and try it yourself!


Workshop Flowers of Ribbon
Tide (stand BepStyle)

Did you know you can craft flowers from ribbons? Tide will show you how!
In just 30 minutes you’ll learn how to make flowers from ribbons in two different ways. The materials are included in the workshop.


Workshop Leather processing
Eternal Designs

make your own bag! During this workshop leather processing, you can make a leather bum bag or wallet. The material cost depends on the creation that you want to make. Will we see your newly made bag shine from your belt the rest of the weekend?


Workshop Butterfly taxidermy
Nature Deko

Always wondered how they get a butterfly so beautiful in a glass dome or in a frame? Now you can learn how to do that yourself. You’ll get an explanation and can try it yourself afterwards. The result: The knowledge, skill and your own mounted butterfly to take home!
A unique souvenir or gift. Price: €12,50


Workshop Diffuser oil
Moira Naturewoman

Learn how to mix essential oils into your very own scent of diffuser oil.
There is more to mixing oils into a nice smelling oil then you think. Learn about the right proportions a mix your very own blend.
There’s a wide range of scents available to make the oil your own.


Workshop Manga for Beginners
Keep in Mind

Just like past years, Keep In Mind organizes free Manga Workshops.
Anyone can join (recommended age: 8+). Just sign up on the day itself at their stand.
On Saturday, the first workshop will be about a basic Manga head and the second workshop about Chibi.
On Sunday the first workshop will be about a basic Manga head and the second workshop about Kawaii!
The steps are easy to follow, so young and ‘a little less young’ can join!


Workshop Hennep Hairwraps
Meraki Creations

The exchange of hair wraps between friends is a tradition. Not only are they a great gift, but they are also beautiful to wear!
Come and meet Kelly at the Meraki Creations shop on the Medieval road and she’ll teach you how to make your very own and how to weave them into your friend’s hair!
The workshop takes about 60 minutes. The price of 12 euro includes the Hennep rope and a bead.


Workshop hair accessories
Dreams Barcelona

Want to learn how to wear hair accessories? Come to the workshop and learn how to use and wear them in different ways. Go for your hair in a bun, in a casual or more sophisticated style, with an original and quality jewel!


Workshop Paint your own door to the realm of fairies
Faery Goods

In this workshop, you will paint your own fairy door. This way you can have even more magic in your home! After a short introduction about fairies and their realm, you can choose your door and paint it.
A small fee will be asked for the costs of the used material.


Workshop Spider Bobby pin
Queen in Black

Make your own spider bobby pin. When you put it in your hair, it seems like a spider runs on your head. Ooooops!
The workshop is for children aged 4 and up, but adults are very welcome too! The first spider is for free. Do you want to make another one? We would love that, but we ask a small contribution of €1,- for the material costs.