Elfia Arcen 2020

19 - 20 September 2020

Haarzuilens 2019

6 March 2019

These are the judges of the Costume Parade!

The Costume Parade, our much-loved tradition, will be held once again. Our lovely judges will be introduced on Facebook and Instagram in the oncoming week, but we can give them a small introduction here!


judges costume parade elfia haarzuilens 2019

As every year, the Costume Parade takes place on both Saturday and Sunday and consists of the following categories:

  • Best Craftmanship
  • Best Original Design
  • Great Promise
  • Best Cosplay
  • Best Performance
  • Day Winner

Do you have a beautiful costume to show? Read more about the Costume Parade and how to apply here

The Judges

This year, we have five judges. All fair and with tons of expertise in the field. Let’s introduce them to you.

Judge Wilma Vermeulen

You might know Wilma or maybe just some of her costumes. It is for sure that she has left her mark on Elfia. Not only has she won the Overall Event Winner prize 3(!) times, she’s also known as our former queen Anaranë Linwëlin.

During the Costume Parade, she will look out for original costume designs. She likes to see a costume with a story, something more than ‘just a dress’. Aside from originality, she’s got a great eye for craftsmanship, she will take a look at how the costume is made and what materials have been used to make it.

Judge Jochem Schroot

You may recognize Jochem from previous editions of our Costume Parade. His personal mantra is “Go big or go home”.  After winning several prizes during the Elfia Costume Parade, Jochem is now part of our team of judges. He will take a closer look at all the cosplayers participating during the parade.

Jochem wants to let all cosplayers know that outfit is just a part of a cosplay, your performance is nearly as important, if not more important. So cosplayers, get your act together and impress our judges with your complete cosplay, both costume and performance.

Judge Bert en Diana Olsder

Bert and Diana Olsder are joining the Elfia Costume Parade for the first time this year, but they’re no strangers to this competition. You might even recognize them from previous editions of Elfia. Not only will they make you turn your head when they walk by you. They’ve also been in the spotlight by winning several prizes during our Costume Parade. Now it’s their time to be at the judges’ table.

Making historical costumes is one of their biggest hobbies. They’ve been making costumes together for at least 15 years. Picking out the right (natural) fabrics and the correct haberdashery, to make their costumes look as historically correct as possible has proven to be the most time-consuming part of making a costume. They make almost everything of their costumes themselves, from head to toe.

Judge Joris van der Heijdt

We have some old fashioned royalty with us this year. You all may know Joris van der Heijdt as King Midas. He once ruled Elfia with his Queen Avaritia. He’s also been part of the Elfia Costume Parade judges for a couple of years now. His expertise as a tailor, and not just a tailor, a master tailor, has proven to be a valuable asset to our panel of judges.

He considers his time as Ruler of Elfia in 2011 as one of the key experiences in his life in the fantasy world. Being a judge is now a big part of his Elfia experience and it’s an activity he loves to participate in.


These are our lovely judges this year! As you may have noticed, Angela and Jasper will not judge this year. But we don’t have to miss them, as they will be giving lectures about costume making in the Chapel. Check the programme and schedule for more info.

The Costume Parade will take place at the Faire Stage on both days at 14.00h to 15.00h. Whether you’ll participate or be part of the audience, we’ll see you there!