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Elfia Haarzuilens 2020

25 - 26 April 2020

Haarzuilens 2019

2 March 2019

Spirituality at Dragon Alley

Last week, we told about the renewed Story Stage at Dragon Alley. But that’s not all there is at Dragon Alley. Come and take part in spiritual and mindfulness activities. Join the Elf Game, tarotist Nicole Smolenaars, Gabslichthuis and shamanic healing and reading, all in the northeast of our kingdom!


spirituality Elfia haarzuilens Dragon Alley mindfullness shaman wishes tarot

There is a lot to see at Dragon Alley. It’s the perfect place to escape a moment from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Elfian kingdom. Listen to the lovely stories at the Story Stage – you can see the schedule here -. But that’s not all, read all about the spiritual and mindfulness activities:

The Elf Game – oracle of the magic realm

In a playful way, the Elf-game brings you back into contact with nature. You gain access to the wisdom, powers and magic that nature beings like to share with us. The Elf-game is not only an oracle but also a game that uses the magic field in which system constellations are done.

Because of the playfulness of the nature beings, the game is light and easygoing. Because growing in consciousness can be fun. The spiritual father and spiritual mother come to play the Elf-game with you in a series of 45-minute games. Be there, the magic is real!

Tarotist Nicole Smolenaars

Tarotist Nicole joins in on Sunday:
“My life is all about pureness and transparency, in order to clarify a story in total openness. I am genuinely interested in the other person, in his/her perception and dynamics. From this involvement, I intuitively zoom into the essence easily, which helps me to explain the cards the right way.”

Healings, reading and mindfulness for kids by Sanna van Bentveld

Shamanic healing

In a healing, I make contact with the body through the laying on of hands and I feel that I am on all kinds of layers where the energy flows or is blocked. A healing can help with fatigue, headaches, back pain, sleep problems, burn out and promote your overall well-being. Through stroking movements, I deduce what does not belong in the body and the aura. I work with light energy, which in the right vibration and intensity relaxes blockages. This leads to inner strength!


For a reading, I open up and I make contact with angels/guides where I get messages about your life. These messages work in the form of words, sentences and images that I put on paper. This completes the total picture of the body and mind. It provides insight into your specific question or problem. There is a lot of respect and knowing in who and what you are. Multiple treatments guarantee a profound flow in your system. You come back into balance!

Mindfulness for children

Life is often busy and rushed nowadays. Right now, children benefit from a moment’s rest and stand still. With mindfulness, they learn to focus their attention on something and become aware of what they feel.

We start with relaxation exercises, then some awareness-raising exercises and then a brief guided meditation using singing bowls, tingsha, Koshi and rainsticks. You see that the children become calmer, more in the now. There is less anger and aggressiveness. It can allow children to enjoy more intensely and give guidance in small and large storms, in their bodies, in their environment and in their thoughts.


You can find Gabslichthuis at Dragon Alley with a lovely programme full of healing music and wish feathers. Or you can craft your own powerstick with at the end a rune message to connect your wish with the stick. You can also try the special instruments yourself at the ‘play along’ sound workshop, we are up for a magical weekend with you.

The programme for both days
The whole day walk-in with ‘Wensjes’ and sound demos
12.00h ‘Play along’ sound workshop
14.00h Craft workshop, where visitors can create power wish sticks with rune message
16.00h Magical sound workshops hapi and singing bowls


Want to know more about these activities? Check the programme.