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You’ll Never Drink Alone!

Mead! The drink of the gods!

Special announcement!

When you taste Elfia mead, you not only drink an alcoholic beverage based on fermented honey; you also follow in the footsteps of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Aristotle already wrote about in his “Meteorologica”. And the oldest described recipe for co comes from 60AD, by the Roman naturalist Columella: “Take rain water that you have saved for a number of years, and mix a ‘sextarius’ (about half a liter) of this water with a pound of honey (Roman pound is about 1/3 kg) […] Expose it to the sun for 40 days, and then leave it on a shelf near a fire. If you don’t have rain water, then boil spring water.

Our Mede, now even better!

”Although we didn’t do it exactly as Columella described, the result is at least historically tasty. Certainly now that we have improved the quality of the ingredients.

We have also gone a step further and have added new elements to a traditional preparation.

The result is unique and surprising flavors, including the Flaming Chili Elfia Mead.


The Mede is connected to Elfia, like all dreams and fantasies, that always come back to life during every festival.

Together with our Mede team we always strive for the best tastes, to be able to offer you a delicious mead. now added an even higher quality honey.

An absolute boost in taste and aftertaste! Another first on Elfia Haarzuilens: The Flaming Chili Elfia Mead!

Come to our MeadExperience stand to taste all tastes and let yourself be taken in a new taste experience!

We are happy to help you!

All Mede’s are sulfite-free!



Golden Dark

A new taste, a new bottle and a handy six-pack!

Golden Dark, the name says it all. A deliciously fresh beer with a warm red-brown color, in which high-quality honey adds an extra flavor dimension added.

A nice slim bottle, which you can buy separately, packed in a handy six-pack or in a sturdy box.

Come and taste it at our MeadExperience! We are happy to help you!

Note: Beer in bottles are only available at MeadPoint!


NEW: MeadExperience!

This is the place where we have let you taste our delicious medes, the fresh fellow beer and the freshly sweet Elfentau Lemonade for years.

This place is known as the “tasting”.

This place has also developed into more than just a tasting.

Here all products are tasted, all tastes are discussed with each other, we give you advice, we explain to you with pleasure, all products and we laugh a lot together. renamed the “tasting”:

MeadExperience! Because you experience more here than just tasting.

We warmly welcome you to MeadExperience!


 NEW: Meadpoint!

Our “fellow tent” is known by many. Nevertheless, the tent is also a place where visitors meet each other.

That is why we have given the “co-tent” a new name: MeadPoint!

Here you meet, buy your delicious medes, the fresh fellow beer, the freshly sweet Elfentau lemonade and the beautiful Elfia cups.

We would like to welcome you at MeadPoint!

Note: Beer in bottles are only available at MeadPoint!


Elfia cups 2.0!

Time for innovation and therefore also time for a new Elfia cup.

Its slim shape, slightly narrower at the bottom, makes it possible that you can even take this beautiful cup with you in your pocket.

Naturally, these new cups are provided from our dreamy fairy. This cup is a must have! Be quick, because gone = gone

If you want to see what the cup looks like, come to our MeadExperience and Meadpoint to discover this cup and grant yourself this cup!

We are happy to help you!


We currently have the following flavors:

1: SWEET CARAMEL MEAD (Mead with caramel, a sweet and very delicate mead)

2: VANILLA MEAD (Vanilla, the sweetest variety; extremely tempting!)

3: PIRATE MEAD (Basic mead, sweet treat with an outspoken taste)

4: NYMPH MEAD (Liquid applepie, your sweetest nightmare)

5: WILD ROSE MEAD (Mead with wild red fruits and natural rose blossom flavour)

6: CRUNCHY WALNUT MEAD (Mead with a earthy walnut flavour)

7: MAGIC MEAD (Magical mead drink with forest fruits)

8: VAMPIA MEAD (Blood red cherry drink, dangeriously good!)

9: FIRE MEAD (A more dry mead variety with subtle ginger taste)

10: FLAMING CHILI MEAD (Mead with Chili, a sensational experience)

11: PREMIUM WHISKY MEAD (A challenging mead, infused with premium whisky)

12: MEAD BEER (The ultimate synergy of barley, malt and honey)

13: ELFENTAU (Non alcoholic, light and sparkling with natural black berries)