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You’ll Never Drink Alone!

Mead! The drink of the gods!

When you taste Elfia Mead, you do not only drink an alcoholic drink based on fermented honey; you also step in the footsteps of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Aristotle wrote about his ‘Meteorologica’. And the oldest described recipe for fellow stems from 60AD, by the Roman naturalist Columella: “Take rainwater that you have kept for several years, and mix a ‘sextarius’ (about half a liter) of this water with a pound of honey (Roman pound is about 1/3 kg) […] expose it to the sun for 40 days, and then leave it on a shelf near a fire. If you do not have rainwater, boil well water. “We have not done exactly the same as Columella described, but the result is at least historically tasty. Especially now that we have improved the quality of the ingredients. We have also gone a step further and added new elements to a classic preparation. The result is unique and surprising flavors, including the Elfia

Our Mead, now even better!

De Mede is connected to Elfia, like all dreams and fantasies, which always come to life during every festival. Together with our team we always strive for the best flavors, to offer you a delicious co. An even higher quality honey has now been added to all joint tastes. An absolute boost in taste and décooling! Another scoop at Elfia Arcen: The Premium Whiskey Elfia Mead.

Come taste all the flavors on our partner and let us take you into a new taste experience! We are happy to help you!

Golden Dark

A new flavor, a new bottle and a handy six pack! Golden Dark, the name says it all. A deliciously fresh beer with a warm red-brown color, in which the high-quality honey adds an extra flavor dimension. A nice slim bottle, which you can buy separately, in a handy six pack or in a sturdy box. Come and taste it on our partner, we are happy to help you!