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15 March 2018

Cookie Policy uses cookies to improve this website. When visiting this website, we can use cookies to collect anonymous data. These cookies will never contain personal information, like your name or email address.

We want to guarantee your privacy and at the same time improve the user-friendliness of this website. Below you can read about what cookies are and which cookies we use.
Please note that the Dutch version of this policy is leading. There might be some slight adaptations in this version due to translation.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files. When you visit a site, they are stored in the folder ‘temporary internet files’ on your computer. While visiting a site, your browser checks if these files are there and what your desired settings are. This way, a website can edit your preferences on the site.

Cookies show us how you use our website. Therefore we can improve pages to make them more relevant for you and you’ll be able to find what you are looking for more easily. Cookies are also used for marketing purposes.

Cookies are not harmful for your computer.

A distinction is made between different kinds of cookies.

Functional cookies

Our website uses cookies to make sure the site works properly.
For instance:

  • Remembering filled in information in (contact) forms or when ordering,
  • Saving preferences like language and location,
  • Desired settings for video display, like buffer size and screen resolution,
  • Saving login credentials, so you won’t have to re-enter them every time.

Website usage cookies

To determine which parts of the website are most interesting for our visitors, cookies are being used. These measure how many people are visiting our pages. This way we can see which information is important to you and improve it. For this we use cookies from Google Analytics.

We use cookies to:

  • Determine how many visitors we have on different pages of our website,
  • Determine how long visitors stay on our website,
  • Determine in which order visitors visit pages of our website,
  • Improve our website.

Social media cookies

All the articles and videos that you view on our website can be shared on social media. For the functionality of the sharing option, cookies are being placed by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

Behavior-dependent content cookies

Our goal is to provide information that is as relevant as possible to the visitors of our website. Therefore we try to adjust our site as much as possible to every visitor. This applies to both the content of our website as to advertising and offers that are being shown.

To be able to do this, we try to get an idea of your probable interests without building a profile that is traceable to a person, based on the websites you visit on the internet. We modify the content on our website to different groups of customers based on these interests. For instance, you can be categorized in the group “Male, aged 30 to 45, married with kids interested in soccer.” based on these interests. This group can get other content than “Female, aged 20 to 30, unmarried and interested in traveling.”

These cookies make it possible that the website registers your visit to estimate your interests.

Other / unforeseen cookies

Because of the way the internet and websites work, it can be that we don’t always have insight in the cookies that are being placed on our website by third parties. This is particularly the case when our web pages use embedded elements; these are texts, documents, images or videos that are stored at another party, but that can be shown on, in, or through our website. If you come across cookies in this category on our website and we haven’t mentioned it, please let us know. You can also contact the other party directly to ask which cookies they placed, what their reason is for doing so, what the life cycle of these cookies is and in what way they guarantee your privacy.

Deleting and refusing cookies

If you don’t want websites placing cookies on your computer, please change your browser settings. This way you will receive a warning before a website places cookies. Another option is to set up your browser to refuse all cookies or cookies from third parties.
It is also possible to delete all previously placed cookies. Be aware that these settings have to be set up for each browser and each computer individually.

Please note that by refusing the cookies on our website, you might not get a fully functional website. It may result in losing some functions or becoming unable to see parts of the content.

The way to change the settings differs per browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, etc.). If needed, consult the help function of the used browser. If you want to refuse cookies from specific parties, you can do so on

Changing statement

Elfia reserves the right to make changes in this statement. We advise you to check this statement regularly, so you are always aware of the content. This statement is last changed on the 13th of September, 2017.
For all cookies placed by other parties and possible data they collect with them, we refer to the statements of these parties on their own websites. Elfia doesn’t influence this.