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Haarzuilens 2020

19 February 2020

The world behind the art of Anne Stokes

If there is anyone out there who knows everything about the beautiful, mythical creatures like dragons, it's Anne Stokes. She doesn't only've got the knowledge, she also converts it into art. Fantasy art that differs from beautiful fairy tales to fierce dragons. She takes this knowledge and art to Elfia Haarzuilens 2020 to share with us.

The London-born artist started her career as a merchandise designer for bands such as Queen and The Rolling Stones. besides that she also designed and made jewelry, before she started her full time career as a freelancer. As a freelance illustrator she did assignments for books, games and records. That is how Dungeons and Dragons came along. Slowly but surely, she released more and more of her own creations that increasingly focused on the theme of fantasy.

Meanwhile, she has many products worldwide such as posters, calendars, T-shirts, lighters, puzzles, sculptures, cards, school supplies, jewelry and more. There are also people who walk around with tattoos designed by her. On her website you can admire many of these beautiful works and on her YouTube channel she occasionally shares pieces of her knowledge.

On April 25 and 26, she and sculptor John Woodward will come to the kingdom of Elfia in Haarzuilens to show, sign and share her knowledge of dragons and how she turns it into art with us. We can’t wait to welcome Anne Stokes, are you coming too?

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