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Haarzuilens 2019

22 March 2019

We present you: the Royal Candidates

The Royal Elections are coming up! Meet the new Royal Candidates below. During Elfia Haarzuilens you and all other Elfians get a chance to vote for their new Royal Couple.


koninklijke kandidaten

As Elfia is a kingdom, it is ruled by a monarch. But, unlike other monarchs, our Royal Couple gets chosen by the people. In a fantasy world with so many different creatures, it is important to let everyone be heard. This results in a very diverse collection of former rulers.

For one year, the Royal Couple will open the gates to Elfia, will hold a Royal defilé. And most importantly, rule our lovely Kingdom. We’re already curious what the next Couple will bring. And will it even be a couple?

The first pair of Royal Candidates is Mystika Moon.

The outsiders, the misfits, the gypsies. Charmen the Seestress & Severus Melchior Alchemy plead for an Elfia ruled by outsiders to keep out all evil. Elfia should be a home for all misunderstood people stuck in the ‘human world’.

The second couple is the Seraphim Sisters.

Called upon by a priestess with a pure heart, the Seraphim Sisters have come to Elfia to defeat an evil power, called ‘the Nothing’. From the kingdom Nymeon, Lauriël – the seraphim of power – and Myrellïon – the seraphim of magic – come to safe Elfia and overpower ‘the nothing’.

The last Candidates aren’t a couple. They’re a whole council!

The Council of Pannkoch has been founded to protect all creatures of the magical world. To create balance it’s important to gather a diverse set of insights and to take into account all Elfians. The Council represents all inhabitants of Elfia in terms of nature, death, light, darkness and the elements of time.

Do you know who you want to call ‘Your Royal Highness’ for the next Elfian year?
Come vote during Elfia Haarzuilens and meet all Royal Candidates!

Seraphim Sisters
Charmen the Seestress and Severus Melchior Alchemy
Wizard Council of Pannkoch