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Haarzuilens 2019

21 March 2019

The best ways of travelling to Elfia

The Elfia ministry of foreign affairs asks all Elfians to pay close attention to the following announcement: when thinking of travelling to Elfia, you could, of course, consider broom, pumpkin carriage or viavia. You could also consider the shuttle bus, public transport, or Event Travel coach. Using one of the latter options will get you to Elfia swiftly and prevents you from long distance walking or flying from the carpark to the gates of Elfia.


Elfia Event Travel Haarzuilens travel to elfia

Some of the grounds around Castle de Haar are repurposed since last year, which unfortunately results in less available parking space. We advise you to buy your parking tickets well in advance if you want to make use of the Elfian parking area, and be present as early as possible.

If the Elfian Parking area is filling up, priority will be given to the people who can present a pre-purchased parking ticket. Without this pre-purchased parking ticket, you run a larger risk of getting referred to the nearest large non-Elfia parking space, from where you’ll have to travel by public transport.

The Best Travel Options

For carefree and relaxed travelling, a fun day in Elfia and no parking headaches, consider the following alternatives to travelling by car:

  • Event Travel Coaches. New to Elfia this year are the Event Travel Coaches. Departing from over 200 locations on the Netherlands, luxury touring cars bring you right up to the Gates of Elfia. No traffic jams, no trains, no parking tickets, but a relaxing and enjoyable way of travelling to Elfia and back. Click [here] for more information.
  • Public transport. A fast and reliable way of travelling to Elfia is by public transport. Every 30 minutes, a train departs from NS station Utrecht Central to station Vleuten. At Vleuten, shuttle buses will make roundtrips to Elfia.
  • The Shuttle bus to Elfia departs from NS station Vleuten three to four times an hour.

Parking tickets

Where to buy parking tickets and how do they work:

Parking tickets are available for purchase here.

The cost of a parking ticket is €8,- and tickets are sold per day. Tickets have a validity of one stay at the parking area. You’ll have to present a new parking ticket every time you leave the parking area by car. This means that if you leave halfway through the day and you return, you’ll need a second parking ticket.

Visitors of the Elfia Campground will be offered a parking space in an area close to the campground.

For more information, please visit the page Travel and Stay.