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Elfia’s history goes back many centuries and is greater than we humans could grasp/understand. Yet, we found a couple of old scrolls with the stories about the royal leaders of Elfia during their reign. We will translate the scrolls and share these stories with our citizens.

Earane I

In the human year of 2008, the first queen of Elfia was crowned: Earane I. The night elf had the hard task to demand the respect from the troubled orc and vampire minorities, even with her origins. This worked out wonderfully well. Her popularity grew considerably during her reign. When the second Vampia War broke out at the start of 2009, she could count on broad support amongst all layers of the population. However, the invasion went so fast and was spread so widely that she could not prepare her army well enough. She realized the Mongoblins had to be stopped at all costs before they could reach the capital. When the elves were losing at the battle at the Delf, she personally came to the rescue and held it for almost 24 hours before retreating behind the city walls.

Gyan & Netel

Meanwhile, new elections were in full swing. Of course, heavily influenced by the apocalyptic threats. As Earane could not be elected again according to the Elfia constitution, King Gyan and Queen Netel were elected as head of state with an overwhelming majority. Even the Elfia-vampires all fully supported their new leaders. During the enthronement in April of 2009, the new royals immediately got into a rough spot… with a dramatic outcome. After the dead of Radin, another short battle took place against the Mongoblins on the banks of the Delf. Snacto, eldest son of Gyan and Netel, took part as well. A final Nazgul attack made an unexpected end to his life. Queen Netel could not bear the loss of her beloved child and withdrew herself to a monastery. There she now lives as sister Netelia. Meanwhile King Gyan was assisted by Sissus, his second son, and his withy counsellor Grau. Although Sissus was more interested in shoes and purses than in matters of state, Lady Grau tried to get him to succeed his father without elections. In September 2009, multiple murder plots were planned to kill King Gyan, fortunately without any success. It was never proven that Lady Grau was behind these plots, but every citizen suspected her to be an evil genius. Noble as he was, King Gyan did not want to punish his son and his counsellor. Possibly this was partly out of fear to, after losing his eldest son and wife, also lose his second son. He did encourage his son to take part in elections, but as a precaution limited the reign of a new sovereign to half a year instead of a full year, ensuring that if Sissus would indeed completely fail as a king, the consequences wouldn’t become too severe.

Bifi & Mutti

No one expected that the Greenthing Bifi would run as a candidate. Actually, this green goblina was too young to participate in the elections. The solution to this was found in appointing a regent. With this arrangement Bifi would be elected as new queen by an overwhelming majority. Queen-mother Mutti appeared at her side. Not everyone was happy with this arrangement, especially as the Greenthingz were not known as the biggest elf enthusiasts. Also, during the election campaign Mutti had said to be an advocate of a wing tax: everyone with one or more wings would have to pay extra tax. Once on the throne, however, Bifi and Mutti turned out to be less strict than was feared beforehand. Therefore, real uprisings stayed out.

Flint & Ninde

The pirate king and queen have bravely succeeded the Greenthingz. Unfortunately, as pirates are known, Flint and Linde fell from the face of the earth and were not found again. They have taken all their writings with them. A party of sea creatures is keeping an eye out for the pirates and following the stories the wind blows along. Hoping that one day, they can share the true story of Flint and Ninde with the Elfians.

Midas & Avaritia

Midas came with a clear promise. Gold. But that was all that he offered. In exchange, he expanded his vast golden kingdom. The people of Elfia gave way to his promises, but soon discovered the golden empire had a dark side. Food became inedible after Midas’ touch, beds became too hard to sleep on… Not to mention all the people he touched! The country became impoverished and its inhabitants longed for a simpler time with real abundance. The more gold there was, the less it was worth. Until gold became even less valuable than stone.

His queen Avaritia turned out to be a spy for a steampunk air pirate crew, only out for his wealth to pay for her new airship. During his reign she was unmasked as Therese Airheart and imprisoned by the guards of Midas. She has since been liberated by her colleagues… her whereabouts are still unknown.

Midas’ reign fell quickly due to all the woes. He could not handle the betrayal and his loss of power and became mad. He is now spending his days as Midas the Jester at the court of Elfia. One thing we learned from Midas and Avaritia: Elfia’s apparently golden times turned out to be a dark page in history. All that glitters is not gold.


After Midas was overthrown by Therese Airheart and the underworld, the ancient prophecy came true: After capitalism, the undead will rule Elfia. For a long period of time this went very well and the living and undead lived peacefully side by side. However, after a while the undead became agitated and it became increasingly more difficult for them to be among the living. King Vladimulder himself had trouble keeping his bloodlust in check too.  More often he grabbed a household elf. After elaborate consultation, it was decided that Vladimulder and his followers would take the northern country of Daemonia and live their undead lifestyle there. Every year, Valdimulder receives donations from the blood bank in order to save as many innocent lives as possible.

Britteke & Kat

– Unfortunately, we have still been unable to translate this scroll.-

Knoet & Morg

– Unfortunately, we have still been unable to translate this scroll.-

Morgana & Kalina

The two royal sisters of lightness and darkness have bravely tried to divide the kingdom fairly and to let light and dark work well together. In spite of much bickering, reigning went well, until there was an uprising among the people. They could not take it anymore to see the dark Morgana treat her sister Kalina so darkly and killed her. Kalina was torn with grief and gave up the throne to the next candidates.

Anarane Linwelin & Gildor Ringeril

After the turbulent years and the sadness and shock Morgana’s death caused, it was unanimously decided that it was time for the elves to come back to Elfia. Anarane and Gildor found their way to Elfia with the help of previous royal couples and took their place on the throne. For many years, they reigned over Elfia and brought back magic and harmony. These monarchs have proved to be good for Elfia. With the aid of the Druids, they have ensured that the protector Draconis Elfia took in his place again and ensured that the people of Elfia could live in peace.

The other scrolls with royal history are still being translated to human language, so that the human race can study the history of Elfia too.