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Elfia, the land where you can make your dreams come true and share them with others. A kingdom with its own flag, passport and national anthem. Led by a royal couple who are chosen by the people of Elfia every year.


Royal Couple

Soon after the first Vampia war it became clear that Elfia could only survive if there was unity and harmony among the various populations. Every population was free to choose their own leader, but they would all come together every human year to choose a king, queen or a royal couple to rule them all. This tradition has been honoured for several years now.

The most important task of the royal leaders is to protect the Kingdom and all that it stands for from bad influences from the outside, and threats from the inside. Without respect, creativity, unity, happiness, wonderment and humour the magical world of Elfia is doomed to disappear. The first queen of Elfia was crowned in the human year 2008: Queen Earane I. Through the years an imposing list of Elfia Royalty has been created, and every year new royalty is added to the list. Every royal leader has made its mark on our history and has enriched our story.

Do you have the proper qualities to make our Kingdom bloom even more, and are you capable of executing this task? Then tread forward as a successor of ….! Not just anyone is capable of joining our list of Elfia Royals, you’ll have to meet certain conditions. Our Rules & Conditions will tell you exactly which conditions you’ll have to meet and how to apply as a candidate.