You'll never dream alone
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Elfia Arcen 2019

21 - 22 September 2019

You’ll Never Drink Alone!
Mede! De drank der goden!

Momenteel hebben we de volgende smaken:

1: SWEET CARAMEL MEAD (Mead with caramel, a sweet and very delicate mead)

2: PIRATE MEAD (Basic mead, sweet treat with an outspoken taste)

3: NYMPH MEAD (Liquid applepie, your sweetest nightmare)

4: WILD ROSE MEAD (Mead with wild red fruits and natural rose blossom flavour)

5: CRUNCHY WALNUT MEAD (Mead with a earthy walnut flavour)

6: MAGIC MEAD (Magical mead drink with forest fruits)

7: VAMPIA MEAD (Blood red cherry drink, dangeriously good!)

8: FIRE MEAD (A more dry mead variety with subtle ginger taste)

9: FLAMING CHILI MEAD (Mead with Chili, a sensational experience)

10: PREMIUM WHISKY MEAD (A challenging mead, infused with premium whisky)

11: De Druide Elfia Mead! (Een mystieke kruidenmix in combinatie met de heerlijke zoete honing, die je een nieuw en ongekend smaakavontuur laat beleven.)

12: MEAD BEER (The ultimate synergy of barley, malt and honey)

13: ELFENTAU (Non alcoholic, light and sparkling with natural black berries)