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Die Jungs aus Berlin

Trouble Notes

Ja! Sie werden wiederkommen! Die Trouble Notes!

The Trouble Notes have been known for their worldly soundtracks and instrumental compositions inspired by their travels. With humble origins in the streets, the band would explore many of our greatest cities in search of adventure and inspiration for new music.
While Earth is rich in culture and opportunity, the ever-traveling troubadours felt that it was time to bring their music beyond the atmosphere and explore the next frontier.
After vowing to be the first band to go busking in Space, The Trouble Notes sat down to write their own story about cosmic voyagers.
Sands of Time: A Cosmic Journey is the first story in a series written by the group detailing a journey beyond the stars in search of a key to the future of mankind. The series features an animated video series with the tracks of the album as the soundtrack.
Set in a dystopian future on a planet depleted of resources and ravaged by catastrophic changes in climate, life on Earth is in a seemingly hopeless race against time. In the year 2123, as the sea swallowed entire continents and once fruitful lands lay sullen and bare, dreamers turned outward in search of new habitats for colonization. With the Mars colony reaching full capacity and faith dwindling, world-renown archaeologist, Dr. Mirko Timberland makes a miraculous discovery deep beneath the sands of Mesopotamia: an ancient relic with coordinates to what is said to be the future of mankind. Sparking the interest of multi-billionaire Gerald Kronos, a team of voyagers is assembled to travel beyond the stars and explore the cosmic frontier.  Is the roadmap to the future of humanity buried in our past or will their inevitable demise be but the last glimmer of hope for humanity?