Need some help booking a stand? No worries, below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to book a stand. If you still have questions, please see our support page.

1. Begin the registration process.

Click on Elfia Arcen 2019 and click on Book Now!

Or select “Register” from the drop down menu.

Mind that registration opens at Wednesday June 12 at 10:00 AM, until that time you won’t see the “register” buttons.

2. Find your ideal location on our festival map.

You can zoom in and out with the CTRL or CMD key + scroll wheel our your mouse or use the plus/minus button on the bottom right of the map.

3. Pick your ideal location

Green = Available.
Red = Booked.

You can click on already booked stands to see who your neighbours will be.

After choosing your ideal location click “Configure stand” in the pop-up to compose your order.

Note: in the first week after opening registration, you will see the early booking discount already deducted from the stand base price.

4. Configure your stand

You see the location of the stand, the deposit (without VAT), the amount of wristbands and a parking ticket and the service fee.

Electricity up to 300W is included

If you need more wattage you can simply select it from the drop down menu. The price will be shown directly below it.

You now see the option to order extra wristbands, parking tickets, tables, bucket seats etc. if needed.

Tick the Add option and select the amount you need.

Wristbands are always sold in a set of 2, one for Saturday and one for Sunday,

5. (Optional) Configure open spot

If you want to bring your own tent, you can reserve an open spot.

Enter the amount of street length you need.

Enter the amount of wristband you get with your reserved street length using the following table:

  • up to 3 meter street length : 2 sets of wristbands (2 Sat / 2 Sun)
  • up to 4 meter street length: 3 sets of wristbands (3 Sat / 3 Sun)
  • 5 meter street length and more: 4 sets of wristbands (4 Sat / 4 Sun)

With an open spot you can reserve a wooden floor per m2 to protect the grass. Tick the add for box and enter the amount you need.

6. Give your stand a name

At the bottom finish the form with your details. You see the price information (without discounts, they will be added when
your reservation is checked) and when you click “Add to cart” the location will be put in your order cart.

7. Check your cart

When the item is in your cart, no one else can book this location for 20 minutes (you have 20 minutes to complete the order).

If you want to order a second location, click the “Continue shopping” button and select a second
location. Repeat the procedure above.

You can go back to your Cart by clicking the cart icon in the top right of the page.

You now see a total of your cart, 21% VAT is shown for everyone.

For exhibitors outside of the Netherlands but within the EU the VAT
is removed as soon as a valid EU VAT number is entered on the next page.

8. Proceed to checkout!

Finish the information that is requested, all fields with a * are mandatory.

Bank details are imported in our booking system and need to be valid, we will use them for example to refund your deposit after the festival.

At Additional information you can mention the depth of your open spot if applicable. You can also mention if you are planning to give a workshop.

9. Review and place your order

Below this information you see your order once more.

You see the amount of down payment that is expected from you.

Note: You’ll receive instructions on how to make payments after you’ve placed your order

Check that you have read and agreed with our terms and conditions and place your order.

Your order is now received and we will send you a confirmation email.

10. Final steps

You can always check the current state of your order at your account page.

Within 72 hours after you’ve placed your order you’ll receive an email with information on how to make a down payment for your stand.

If you want to order additional items, please contact us via

After a while we will ask you to complete the second payment term.

Note: All discounts will be applied on the second payment and will be added manually
to your order. You see this discount on your payment email.