Volunteer Information

Frequently asked Questions for Volunteers:

1. Can I stay overnight on Elfia?
Yes, there is a volunteer camping ground on Elfia where you can pitch your tent.

2. Do I get compensation for Elfia?
Elfia provides food and drink for all volunteers. Only those volunteers who help on weekdays receive an expense allowance it.

3. What tasks can volunteers do on Elfia?
See below the tasks within Elfia:


1. Dismantling Elf 
Task from Monday / Wednesday (after the festival).
Dismantling the festival grounds. For example, pick up fences- benches and chairs, decking. 

2. Dismantling & Construction Teamleader  
Task from Monday / Wednesday (1,5 week).
Has experience with festivals (construction and dismantling), manages people well, is a good co-worker and is responsible for the whole construction and dismantling of the festival ground.

3. Forkliftdriver
Task from  Monday / Wednesday (after the festival).
Has a forklift certificate. You drive all the heavy stuff, such as fences, decking around the grounds.

4. Decoration Elf
Task from Monday / Wednesday (1,5 week).
In varying combinations. Not during the festival itself. Preparation of the decoration of the festival, such as hanging flags, decorating doors, buttons ropes etc. You can also choose whether only the week before the festival to experience or example only during the dismantling of Elfia.

5. Distribution Elf
Functie van dinsdag t/m maandag. Uitgifte en inname van allerlei artikelen aan alle teams van Elfia en ondersteund de TL distributie. Ook bijhouden van de administratie van uitgave en inname is een belangrijk onderdeel van de taak.

6. Distribution Teamleader  
This is a responsible and paid position, Monday / Wednesday (1.5 weeks). You register everything that enters the site, trucks f.e, you open the doors, records all volunteers, keep the radios on, you are responsible for all keys on the terrain. Here we are looking for someone who can register well, is firm, is able to speak up and ensures that everything comes back neatly in place. There are long working days, you alternate several days with 2 employees. Also keep track of the records of expenditure and intake is an important part of the job

7. Elfia Royal Guards.
Task from  Saturday / Sunday.
Dress up in costume Elfia Royal Guard. Supervising Elfia related activities at the event, such as coronation, parade etc.

8. Entertainment Elf.
Task from  Saturday / Sunday.
Entertainment activities such as: Supervising entertainment groups, answer questions, evaluate entertainment, etc.

9. Exhibitor Manager.
Task from Thursday / Sunday
Contact between exhibitors and organization, manages entering- and leaving times and all sorts of things. Also ascertain that exhibitors abide by the rules and they appeal to persons, if this is necessary.

10. Exhibitor Elf.
Task from Thusrsday / Sunday
Support the exhibitor manager.

11. Flying Fixers Elf
Task from Saturday / Sunday.
All the work especially last minute things that are needed during the festival.

12. Catering Elf.
Task from  Monday / Tuesday and Friday / Sunday (May be only weekends).
All kinds of activities regarding the crew and help with the catering crew. Keeps everything tidy condition at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and ensures that all crew members leave the crew tent tidy.

13. Office Elf
Task on Elfia Headquarters from Monday / Sunday.
Understands about software and computers. Furthermore, all kinds of activities on Elfia headquarters Elfia.

14. Technical Elf.
Task from Thursday / Monday.
Has knowledge of techniques especially for technical emergencies during the festival. Someone who helps up in technical matters and dismantling and festival.

15. Infostand Elf.
Task from Saturday / Sunday.
Answering all sorts of questions from visitors to the festival.

16. Constructing Elf.
Task from Monday / Friday for the festival divided.
Building and designing of the festival such as fences and benches places, ramps. This is a real physical task.

17. Parking Elf.
Task from Thursday / Sunday.
The organization of driving on- and off the park of exhibitors, entertainers, artists etc. You must be able to work under stress.

18. Parking Teamleader.
Task from Thursday / Sunday.
Managing the parking team.

19 .Stagecrew Elf.
Task from Saturday / Sunday.
All work related to the various stages on Elfia.

20. Theater Crew Elf
Task from Thursday / Sunday, mixed.
May also only on the weekend. All tasks regarding the costume contest, elections and the parade.

21. Ticketcontrol Elf
Task from Saturday / Sunday.
Checking tickets at the entrance.

22. Gatekeeper Elf
Task from  Thursday / Sunday timeshare fillable.
Guarding the entrances to the festival site. Give directions to drivers and people on how to

23. Driver Elf
Task from Friday / Sunday evening.
You have the experience of driving a bus with 9 people. Pick-up and take artists from Schiphol or Utrecht / Vleuten to Elfia and back. And also pick-up and take artists from the Bastion Hotel to Elfia and back