Hall of Muses

Hall Of Muses:
Especially for novice writers, painters, anime, manga artists or sculptors, Elfia is the "Hall of Muses". During Elfia, the following artists can be found here.

Antoinette Elsinga: 
Antoinette Elsinga is an autodidact artist who discovered the power of Selenite in 2011 and has specialized in it from that moment on. She is looking forward to the connection and would like to use the symbols that connect. Thus the heart and the Lemniscate are strength, but also her angels and buddhas contain the connection. The shape she creates in conjunction with the transparency of Selenite and the satin shine makes her work mystical.

Daniël Meyer:
Daniël Meyer also studied business studies after his studies of aeronautical engineering. Partly due to his great passion (flying) he comes in contact with the most colorful people. Due to his sincere interest in people, he often hears stories that remain hidden for others, and sometimes lead to a story, such as 'The Man of Venus' and 'The Mask of Venus'. At the moment he is working on the third thriller in the Venus series: The Kiss of Venus, which will also appear at Futuro Publishers at the end of 2017.

Joey Pavić:
Joey Pavić is a young writer with a lot of fantasy. During his first year as an applied psychology student, he started with two very different books. A fantasy and a spy man. "I see stories everywhere and I love creating my own worlds. What makes books so special to me is the band that you develop as a writer, but also as a reader with the characters. "Joey is the author of the book: Arkin - the white warrior, an exciting and compelling fantasy story published by Bookscout. In summer, his spyageroman will appear at the publisher's Writer's Point.

Koen Romeij:
Koen Romijn may rightly be named for the Dutch-language science fiction genre. In 2016, Futuro Publishers brought the debut by Koen P.H. Romine, namely the SF thriller called The Strop Team. Romijn is a musician of origin (including Heidevolk) and great lover of classical science fiction stories (Asimov, Arthur C.Clarke, Philip K. Dick). He has written with the Strop Team a quirky and especially exciting debut with the necessary depth. A promising start of a writer career. Romijn is currently busy with the anticipated follow-up to The Strop Team, which will appear at the end of 2017.

Marnel Scherrenberg:
In February 2017, Marnel Scherrenberg started selling homemade, unique works of art under the name of MARNart. After six years of studying biology, and in the meantime making many artworks, the creation of these pieces proved to be more fun, and Marnel founded a company. Because of the background in biology, the works of art mainly have organic and realistic forms, often giving a fantasy twist. The Elf Fantasy Fair is the first trial of MARNart on a fair, but promises to be a good start for the artist.

Patrick Kerkhof:
Author Patrick Berkhof is the inventor of Dizary. As a designer, he designed his labyrinth world with not just text. He even illustrates and even uses 3D printing to tell his readers how Dizary collapses. No edition of Elfia has missed him, and this year he can stand there with his first book. Dizary - The Living System is full of crazy inventions, humor and magic. A number of readers label him as the new Terry Pratchett. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding, he presents his debut in the Hall of Muses.

Pepper Kay: 
"You can say that writing scifi thrillers is my thing," says author Pepper Kay. Her books Death sentence, Maalstroom, ID crisis, Fire storm and Snake pit always have the same main characters, of which Kit Guardner, interstellar private detective with assignments from all over the universe, is the most important. And yes, for each story, it requires a new planet, a new world. But also writing fantasy has Peppers interested. This resulted in Drakenbloed, a magical story that deals with a young woman who comes through a dragon in another world. In a few months, Drakenspoor, Pepper's second phantom book, will appear. Became curious? You can find Pepper Kay on both days in the Hall of Muses at Futuro Publishers.

R.A.H. Guerrero:
R.A.H. Guerrero (1980) is Dutch / Spanish origin, teacher philosophy. He has already written fifteen years for the books on Phaeton's world. Two titles: Nunaviten's girlfriend Leviathan Furie has been released by Theseus' Ship Publishers in recent years. The books read as the "coming of age" story of a young woman who grows into a myth. Guerrero writes fantasy in which (political) philosophy plays a major role and warns philosophical or literary language. His travel experiences and two-sided cultural background are reflected in the character developments and the many peoples, cultures and landscapes described. In his books, the struggle between various moral flows, political philosophies and egos together form an intriguing web of ideas. For the reader to judge or get lost.

Studio Vlindertje:
The handmade fantasy bottles from Butterfly's Pharmacy of Miracles combine magic, fairy tales, fantasy and alchemy into the most amazing things that all fit into a small bottle. Fairy tales and things that you thought did not exist, you can suddenly hold. You only need a little imagination.

Wessel de Valk:
Wessel de Valk is a graduate criminologist, entrepreneur and writer. He has an endless interest in innovative developments. "As a writer, I am fascinated by the boundary between reality and fiction, between reality and dream, between cohesion and exception. Exciting books, mystery, sudden and special people. That's what it's all about in my books. "Wessel is author of 'The Pattern', an exciting book that will appear at Futuro Publishers at the end of April.